About Us

June 12, 2020

Welcome to Inside Trybizz

Inside Trybizz is an organization that is focused on encouraging and educating women on living a healthy lifestyle.
We believe that women are Queens who deserve to shine and whose stories deserve to be heard. 

What We Do

• We educate women on living a healthy lifestyle through our podcast, magazine, and blog.

• We organize programs, outreaches, and trainings that help to empower women.

• We publish stories and works of women to help encourage other women to live their dream.

Mission Statement

To create a safe space where women are free to learn, tell their stories, and express themselves.

Our Story

Our journey to educating women on a healthy lifestyle started when our founder Oluwatomilola Arotiba was diagnosed with a breast lump. Out of ignorance, she refused to see a doctor and concluded it was chest pain. After weeks of enduring the pain, she later decided to see a doctor. This event made her research on health and lifestyle.

After much research, she discovered that most health-related problems people are faced with are a result of their lifestyle and choices. She also discovered that women are more prone to some of these health challenges including mental illness such as depression, due to making wrong choices. This led her to start Inside Trybizz, an organization focused on women's health and lifestyle.

We define a healthy lifestyle as making the right decision at the right time because we believe every decision you make will
affect your health directly or indirectly. We see lifestyle as a medicine and believe good health starts from making the right
choices, and one can only make the right choice when rightly informed.
Trybizz is the combination of two Hebrew words meaning,
"Thrice Shining Queen Bee"

Connect With Us

Website: insidetrybizz.com.ng

Email: insidetrybizz@gmail.com

Podcast: Anchor.fm/insidetrybizz

Magazine: selar.co/m/insidetrybizz (also available on Amazon
and Bookney)

Social media: @insidetrybizz

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