Her Period Project


On the 25th of Saturday 2021, at about 1pm a team of 18 Volunteers entered a community called IKOTA in Ondo state for a project led by an organization named TRY BIZZ. We went with an aim of speaking to the teenage girls in the community.

The program started with a warm welcome from our hosts, which preceded introducing ourselves to the girls who were already sited to hear from the speakers of the event. A short prayer was made immediately after by Sister Prayer.

The program continued with the IYALODE of the community giving the girls a short charge. Her major points were;

The major benefit a child gets from his/ her parents is to be trained.

Home training is the bedrock of every human’s character.

She ended with showering blessings and praying for the girls.

We moved on with summoning our convener/founder Oluwatomilola Arotiba, to tell us the reason for our visit. She gave a quick rundown on the organization and what we do and the reason we were in the community which was to sensitize the girls their menstrual cycles and hygiene as a girl child.

Miss Funmilayo took over the program where she gave a lecture on Menstruation, different names with which people refer to it as, who does it and why it makes the girl child special amongst all their equals. She further sensitized them on how to calculate their menstrual cycle, the reason why it’s necessary to calculate our cycles and the age range of starting. 

She continued with explaining menstrual hygiene and she gave tips on menstrual hygiene. Miss Funmilayo charged the girls to change their pads regularly to avoid virginal odours, skin irritation and other related diseases.

Miss Funmilayo ended her session with questions which was a fun time for the girls as they hot to choose the winners.

The program continued with a game of getting to know their selves where the girls were grouped and they were to choose a group leader who was saddled with the responsibility of getting to know their opponent team.

A group session commenced immediately after where the girls were grouped and a team of two to three volunteers educated the girls on myths about menstruation using some placards as tools for explanation. Sex was also discussed briefly in some of the groups. The session ended with questions and some affirmative words said by the girls.

Refreshments were shared to the girls while the convener explained what reusable pad is, how to use them, why they were being shared instead of the disposable ones and she made sure to tell them that it was authorized and also encouraged by the WHO.

While the lecture was going on, the volunteers helped in gathering the girls who had started menstruating to the front seats since they were our target audience at that moment. We shared the Reusable Sanitary pads to the girls, did a vote of thanks and also told them how to reach the organization. We had a beautiful time taking pictures and also a short dance/ vibes session.

Rounding up, our chief host took up the mike to give a closing charge; he thanked us for coming and also pleaded with us to take up as many girls as would be willing to be mentored by us.

We bade them farewell, took some more pictures, entered the bus and left.     

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