Adedolapo Ige Is Helping Young People make The Right Career Choice

Meet Adedolapo

Adedolapo Ige is a Chartered Accountant who graduated with a first-class, B.Tech (Bachelor of Technology) degree in Management and Accounting from the Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, State, Nigeria.

She presently works with an accounting firm in Lagos as an Associate in the Audit and Assurance Unit. She is the author of the book titled; Choosing the right course of study: A guide for students, teachers, and parents which was officially launched on the 11th of July 2020. Also, she is the CEO of Dollyz Kitchen which started on the 11th of January, 2021.

Adedolapo is a lover of God who is passionate about fulfilling God’s purpose for her life. Adedolapo wants to encourage others to succeed in all areas of their life and give hope through her daily motivational and inspirational content. She is an inspirational writer, an encourager, and a public speaker. Adedolapo loves writing, speaking, and teaching. She is passionate about education and career hence, encourages young people to get it right in this area and be successful at it through her writings and counseling. 

Why She Started Her Writing Journey In Her Own Words 

Right from when I was in primary school, I was very good at writing compositions and essays. My mum observed this and always said that I was good with writing. However, this gift didn’t come into a clearer expression until I was in the university. In 2015, I began to document words as I got inspired by God and this originated from the place of me spending time with God. I observed, He always flooded my heart with so many thoughts which I had to always document. At that time, I didn’t understand the importance of the gift. I just kept writing as I got inspired. 

After a while, I started posting contents on social media and with time, I knew God gave me the gift for the fulfillment of His purpose for my life though I had not gotten much clarity on how it would be. Then on social media, I got connected with people who could train and coach me to be better in writing and I enrolled for some trainings and joined a writing challenge. There was a particular training I embarked on to learn how to write a book and the project after the class, was to write a book and our coach will go through it. The purpose was to practice what we had been taught and to inspire us to take the step of writing our first book.

I was giving excuses as to why I won’t be able to do that project, but with deep thoughts, I could see clearly that it was an avenue to impact lives since it’s what I have been called to do. I thought of the subject to write about and the Holy Spirit, prompted me to write on my career journey so that others can learn from my story. That was the push for me and I defied all odds, and obstacles, and wrote my first book.

My journey in choosing a course of study, wasn’t an easy one for me because my parents wanted me to study something different from what I wanted to study based on my convictions from God. Although, what they wanted me to study was my dream from childhood but when the time was right for me to make the choice, God divinely interrupted everything. 

However, it all ended in testimony and praise, and it eventually went the way God ordained it. Upon the realization that there are so many young ones out there, going through something similar to what I had gone through and more of them are likely to go through it, I saw the purpose in my journey and experience and was inspired to write my first book on this topic thereby proffering solution to this problem.

Learn More About Her New Book

Her book titled “Choosing the right course of study: A guide for students, teachers, and parents” was written as a guide for children, teachers and parents who all have roles to play in the process of choosing a course of study. It explains clearly the roles to be played by these key players, the benefits and consequences of choices, the practical steps to take when parents express their disapproval of their child’s choice and steps parents should take in communicating their disapproval of their children’s choices. 

To cap it up, She shared her story with lessons that can be learnt and mistakes that can be avoided in choosing a course of study. At the end of reading it, you will have been armed with the right information you need to make the right choice.

You can connect with Adedolapo via:


Whatsapp: +2348168047154

Facebook: Adedolapo Ige

Instagram: Adedolapo Ige

LinkedIn: Ige Dolapo

You can access the soft copy of her book via Okada books and Amazon. While, for the hard copy, you can send her a direct message via any of the means mentioned above.

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