MataCare Emerges Winner Of HackMay


HackMay held from the 26th to the 27th of May 2021. It was aimed at driving developers, designers, and idealists to build scalable solutions. On the first day, young men and women gathered on tables to team up to find solutions to problems in their environment using technology. And on the second day, each team was allowed to pitch their ideas to the judges, and after the pitch session, the judges chose MataCare as the winner.

MataCare is a platform that serves as a bridge between pregnant women and a whole community of medical experts and nutritionists to take good care of mothers during pregnancy while saving stress and without breaking the bank. MataCare creates a community for pregnant women where they’re able to share their experiences, gain access to health tips, fitness tips, and diet tips relevant to pregnancy and fetal care.

One of the teammates Sharon, who helped in pitching the idea to the judges shares her story of how her brother had to deal with hemorrhoids (Pile) as a child, as it was not a great experience for him. Her mom later found out it was due to her constant consumption of sweet potatoes during pregnancy. If her mum was well informed, it would not have happened to her brother. She strongly believes child care begins from the pregnancy stage not only when the child is born.  Gift-a-rural-girl-a-pad

Poor nutrition during conception, pregnancy, and lactation, directly affects the child and increases the chances of delays in the development of a newborn. With MataCare, you can easily speak to a pregnancy consultant from the comfort of your home, book an appointment on the app without going all the way to the hospital, and when you eventually have to visit the hospital, you won’t have to worry about queuing.

We are glad to see young minds providing solutions in the healthcare system with the use of technology. And we are more glad to see women going into Tech and leading like Sharon. We hope this encourages other women to share their stories and become solution providers.

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