Is My Life Worth Living?

A few years back, I sat down in my little room thinking if I was worth anything. It was difficult for me to see the good in me, and I thought others felt the same way. Most of the things I had tried that period turned out negative, and it felt there was nothing left inside of me. End it now! did I hear my mind correctly? Take my own life and find peace?

No way, this can not be the end. Thank God that I found hope again. During that period, God sent strange people my way (called them strange, because I never knew they could be my source of hope). They ministered to my needs, and I was reminded of how important I am to God, and also to men.

Everyone on earth is important, and your life is worth living. You are light to someone's darkness, a source of encouragement to the weak, and much more. 'Oh please, God can do without me', you are lying to yourself. God will not come down and minister to the needs of men, he will use men to bless men. There are millions of people who are waiting to hear your story, millions who are craving for your recipes, millions who will die if you don't speak up, millions who can't wait to read your book, so my dear, your life is worth living!

Always tell yourself that you are worth everything, I repeat everything called good, in fact, you are worth only the best. And anything that doesn't feel like the best, look like the best, smell like the best, is NOT FOR YOU!

Repeat after me;

I am beautiful

I am worthy of the best

I am smart and confident

I am who God says I am

My life is worth living

Always say these things to yourself, and watch your life transform. Remember, you shall have what you say. 

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