Does Being A Woman Make You Less?


I remember how my primary school teacher made us debate on "whether a man is better than a woman", or "whatever Daddy is better than Mummy", and every girl and boy would try to point out the unique strengths of their gender. It was fun then, and sometimes ended up in arguments, and maybe a little fight, because there has to be a winner. Looking back, I can say that these debates were a complete waste of time and energy because both genders are unique and important.

A woman is not lesser than a man, and neither is a man lesser than a woman. I feel the society has helped in causing a division, instead of uniting both genders. Having little children debate on such things, and having a particular team win paints a bad picture or should I say a weak picture of the other gender in the minds of these little ones. They grow up thinking others are lesser than 'them' because they are not like 'them'. This can be one of the reasons why we have a high rate of rapists amongst the male gender.

The whole debate of whether a particular gender is lesser than the other all has to do with the mind. You wouldn't think that way if you were told otherwise from a young age. The reason why you think so is that you have been programmed to think so, and if care is not taking, you can pass those lies as truth to the next generation, and the issue will never end.

Both genders are unique and equally important. Instead of us fighting over who is more important or superior, we are supposed to use our uniqueness to advance our community. This whole debate is taking us backward, and the earlier we accept this truth the better for us, and the next generations to come.

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