Summer Rainbow Is Here To Educate Young Girls on Menstrual Hygiene


Happy periods was created  to educate young girls reaching puberty or already menstruating on menstrual hygiene. The founder, Precious, saw a need for young girls to be comfortable and look good during their period days, as some girls find menstruation disturbing, and are ignorant of self care.

With this vision, Happy Periods team decided to visit our lady international school to educate the girls on menstrual hygiene. They were taught how menstruation works, changes that occurs, ovulation, the menstrual cycle, different types of pads, and how to maintain cleanliness as a woman or a lady

The girls were also allowed to share their experience and ask questions on things that were not clear to them as regards the topic. The team helped to answer their questions and debunked any myths associated with menstruation. Also the girls were given a care package to ensure that they can effectively practice menstrual hygiene.

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