How To Boost Your Self Confidence ft Oluwadunsin Elegba

It has been discovered that a lot of people live their lives full of regrets because they were not confident enough to do what they really wanted to do. We don't want that to continue so I and Oluwadunsin has put this podcast together to encourage you to live your best live. Remember to share with your family and friends

About Oluwadunsin Grace Elegba

Oluwadunsin Grace Elegba is a poet, blogger and a graduate of Meteorology. She has growing passion for creative writing and literature works. She is one of the contributors of the Best New African Poet Anthology 2019; with further publications in Upwrite Art and Poetry magazine. She currently freelances as a writer and has keen interest in personal development and education as she hopes to contribute meaningfully to the society with her pen and voice.   

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