Why Rape Victims Keep Quiet ft Prayer Akponine


In today's episode of the healthy lifestyle podcast with Trybizz, I and Prayer Akponine discussed a sensitive issue on Rape; "why victims keep quiet". We've found out that there are a lot of rape victims in the world, and yet only a few percentage of them speak up and only a fewer percentage gets justice. We discussed what could be the reasons why they refuse to speak up and the possible solutions to help rape victims speak up. Join us as we discuss on this topic. Remember to share and Subscribe. Thank you.


Prayer Akponine Oruemu is a social entrepreneur with about 3years experience. Currently, Prayer Akponine is the director at Paideia where she focuses on educating young girls in STEM programs.

Prayer Akponine is motivated by her commitment and passion for social engagement and girl child empowerment. She believes that one day the Africa girl child would have access to education without bias or dissimulation.

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