Why You Should Care For Yourself


Bisi is a young fashion entrepreneur, she's a single slay Queen who is addicted to pleasing her customers and her family. She never takes out time to rest and eats anything she sees.

Her customers like her because she always keeps to the appointed time, and her mother likes her because she provides for her and her siblings.

One faithful night Bisi was sewing her customer's cloth and then she had an heart attack and died.

The next morning her customers came to collect their clothes to give to another tailor to sew. Her mother and her siblings cried their eyes out because the only bread winner of the family was gone forever

So many of us are living our lives like Bisi, you are always ready to please everyone except yourself. You eat anytime you like and even when you do eat it's junk that is in your plate.

I'm here to tell you to please take good care of yourself. I'm not asking you to be lazy, but at least care for yourself so you can live to fulfill your dreams. Not every job is for you m, you don't have to attend every party, you don't have to study all the courses in the world, you can't please everyone, so stop trying to be the Perfect Person In Everyone's Eyes.

Stress and unhealthy food kill slowly and makes one age faster. You shouldn't be looking like 40 when you are only 21, please take a break and care for yourself.

Here are few tips to help you care for yourself:

1. Eat Nutritions dense food and not junks

2. Distribute work and bills amongst family and co-workers so as to relieve you off stress

3. Educate your family/Friends on how to make money to help relieve financial stress off your neck

4. Take a break if you are burning our or feeling sick

I hope this tips help. Kindly share other ways you can take care of yourself

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