How to keep Your Hair Moisturized

July 08, 2020

Hi wonderful people, welcome to another session. Our focus for today is on moisturising our hair properly and keeping it moisturised. 
Most often we mistaken moisturising for just applying hair care products to our hair, while that is actually part of it, it goes beyond it.
It's basically getting moisture into your hair through the application of moisturisers and oils.
We actually have sebaceous glands in our bodies which produce oil for the body and hair but sometimes the oil isn't just enough to keep our hair moisturised due to one reason or the other (this might include: health, malfunctioning, age, hair length, other physical reasons caused by us etc). 

*Salient Points to Note*
~For those with really dry, hard/brittle hair, spraying water on your hair first is a good way to get your hair to readily absorb more products. 

~Parting your hair into different sections before applying to will help ensure that no section of the hair is left out. 

~Apply moisturizing products like our hydrating leave-in conditioner from the ends of the hair to your root.

~To keep moisture locked in, seal in the moisture with a good moisturizer like our shea-soft, or any oil/butter. And always sleep with satin bonnet on. 

~Do not expose your hair to harsh weather (extremely cold or hot). 

~Make sure you deep condition your hair from time to time.

~Don't use shampoos, conditioners and hair products with harsh chemicals, they might strip your hair of its natural oil and weaken it. 

~Avoid over heating, styling and excess washing too.

~Stay hydrated by drinking a lot of water too, it'll definitely reflect in your hair as well. 

Don't forget to grab your Trybizz natural hair care products. We have shampoos, leave in conditioners, deep conditioners, Shea soft, castor oil, Maybiscus, coconut oil.... Just all you need for your hair. We look forward to serving you better.

Have a productive day.
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