How To Make Anakra With Beans Flour

May 05, 2020

In my previous post I showed you how  make beans flour and I hope it came out well. If you had to pound how was it? (well that was the fun part for me, because it helped me escape other house chores😂)

My beans flour had some granules in it and I scieved it out. If yours ended up like mine you can as well do the same thing than to consider your experiment a failure. Besides it's  the fault of your blender (just grind it outside next time). 

Today I'll show you how to use your beans flour to make akara. Please feel free to experiment with other recipes like beans pancake, moi moi etc. 


2 cups of beans flour 

1 medium onions chopped 


Salt to taste 

Ground pepper to taste (if your beans does not have pepper in it) 


1. Add all the dry ingredients into a clean bowl, then add water to make a thick paste.

2. Stir till the paste swells (it's not going to swell like you added yeast to it o) 

3. Add oil to a frying pan, once the oil is hot use a spoon to scoop the thick beans paste into the hot oil. Let one side of the akara fry till golden brown before turning it to the other side. Once both sides are well fried remove from the hot oil. 
(Chaii I almost burnt my akara😅)

Your akara is ready. Serve with pap, custard, bread, oat or orange juice. 

Please what other food can be eat with akara and how do you customize your akara (do you add fish to it)?
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