Why I Feared Going Natural

April 16, 2020

My natural hair journey has been amazing so far but just like some natural babes I was sacred of going natural because of some reasons which I'll be sharing with you. I must say I struggled with these reasons for some time (years) and tried going natural 3 times before I finally decided I was going to do it. 

I'm sharing these "reasons" for the sake of anyone who's finding it difficult going natural or who's sacred of going natural for any of these reasons and also for the fun of itπŸ˜‚

1. I thought I'll look like SU (but I am 😜)

Now I'm shy to write about this one... 
Well I'm from a different church background and I had a believe that people who wear their natural hair did so because of their religious beliefs and I didn't want to look like them since I'm not from there. (please forgive me if you're from any of these churches).
As a young teenage girl I wanted to look good and be in vogue, even though I really didn't know how and I'm not that fashionable and I felt making the latest hair styles could help me look a little bit fashionable (you get right πŸ˜‰)

2. Ugly 

I thought it was ugly because, people I saw that didn't use relaxers on their hair wore it in boring hairstyles and didn't dress nice at all. And I wasn't ready to look like that 

3. Natural hair is equal to hair odour 

This is the one I dislike the most. One day I sat down behind a young teenage girl who wore her natural hair and it smelt bad, really bad!
I decided I wasn't going to go natural after having few encounters with some other natural babes who had terrible hair odour.

4. old school 

Please forgive me again πŸ˜”
That was how everyone made it look like. When you relax your hair it's a sign that you "ja si" (you are in vogue) and I wanted to "ja si" in my own little way. 
I felt if I should go natural I'll no longer be in vogue, that means I'm old school and no young teenage girl wanted to be called old school at that time.

5. Natural Hair Is Stubborn 

Oh yes it is, without proper hair care.
 I don't like stress and handling my hair was stressful for me and everyone in the house always complained about my hair even hair dressers. So I had to relax my hair. When I was about going back to natural hair I was really scared of facing my stubborn hair but I did after gathering enough knowledge about natural hair. 

These are the reasons why I didn't want to go natural and I found out that it was the society that placed these things in my mind. If you want to go natural you must be willing to learn about the hair and how to take good care of it.

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