Product Review: Gold's Glow Organics Face Toner And Face Cream

April 11, 2020

I woke up one morning with little bumps on my forehead, I was hell scared, unhappy and wanted to get rid of it as soon as possible because I'll be traveling back to akure soon. 
I tried every little trick I knew and nothing worked. I got tired of trying and decided I was going to buy a product,  but I didn't know what product to buy. On instagram I found different products that promised heaven and earth but I was scared to buy them because I have a sensitive facial skin. I've used products that made my face looked like I had vitiligo, others caused rashes on my face or even dried my face so I'm always very careful when it comes to facial products.

I finally decided to travel to akure with my face looking like that. When I got to akure every person I met would ask me "what happened to your face?" Trust me I have a answer for all their questions, "it's a reaction" I'd say😂. One guy even composed an epistle for me on whatsapp and I replied "I'm already working on it".

I got tired of the questions and finally decided to buy the product. So I got gold's glow organics face toner and face cream.
I prayed it worked. This was how I prayed 

"God even if this product doesn't work for people (but there are lots of testimonies that it works), let it work for Me out of your mercy, because I'm tired of people asking me questions that I don't have answer to"

The prayer sounds funny right? But it's the truth. Evey where I went, every corner I turned to its always about my face and what I'm doing about it. 

Product Review 

Ingredients: The ingredients were not listed on the product containers or even on their IG page but it was said that organic ingredients were used which I don't believe. I felt they should have said natural ingredients were used. I'll explain in my next post.

What does the product look like
The face toner came in a transparent container and the face cream in a mini cup. 

Did the product work? 
Yes it worked, let somebody shout hallelujah!!!! 
It worked.
And had no negative reaction on my face
At first I was scared of using the face cream, because my face doesn't like creams at all.  Although when I started using the face cream my face would itch a little and I'll start sweating from my face (maybe it was due to my phobia of applying cream to my face or the heat in akure), but it later stopped.

What I like about the products
The face cream smells like banana ice-cream.
I like the color of the face Toner and it cleanses well. 
Well my best product is the face toner.

What I don't like about the Product

I don't like the container of the face cream. It doesn't look like the price at all. I feel there are other fancy containers that can be used instead of the regular balm container people use in Nigeria.

It took 3 weeks for the product to work. I wished it took 2 weeks as stated but mine was 3 weeks. Well I understand that natural products take time to work and I'm not vexed at all. But my friend is 😂.

Price Of The Products
Face cream : N2500 
Face Toner :  N1000

Where To Buy The Products
Visit their IG page @goldsgloworganics. 

Have you used these products before or any of their products?
Kindly share your experience with us
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