Why Are Natural / Organic Products Expensive?

I've  have been asked this question several times, Ahn Ahn why is it so expensive, is it not ordinary oil, I can even make it myself, etc. I've tried to explain to several clients the reason they have to go natural and one thing that discourages them is the price of the product.
I want you to understand that the organic industry is not trying to make money out of you but due to the following reasons the prices of their products are high 

1. It is gotten from plants
2. Unavailability of every plant  in each country 
3. Time taken to make it
4. Plant season 

1. It is gotten from plant 

Most organic products are gotten from plants especially oils. Each plants has a unique amount of oil it can deliver, this means that to get a reasonable amount of oil you'll need more plant material.
Let's use coconut oil as an example, if you're making about 100ml of coconut oil you might need up to 8 coconuts or less (depending on the quantity of oil in each coconut). One coconut cost N200 (Naira) which means; 200 * 8 = N1600
Then add the money for the transport fare,   money for branding the oil, fuel consumed, delivering it to consumer etc. All this makes it expensive.
Essential oils requires more plant materials to be able to produce about 10ml bottle of the oil and also carrier oils like balckseed.

2. Unavailability Of some oils In Each country 

Every country has different types of soil and weather that may support or may not support the growth of some plants. This makes some organic industries to go outside their country to import these products (either in its raw form or processed form) due to the amazing benefit of that product or  high demand of that product. 
This has also been one of the reasons natural products are expensive.

3. Time taken To Make It

I've found out that most people who make natural products like oils, have little or no machines to use in making them. So the supply is always low and the price high 

4. Plant season 

Each plant has it's own harvest season. while some may be available through out the year some will not. So you might experience a variation in price of some natural products due to the change in season.

I hope you can now understand why organic/natural products are more expensive than synthetic products and I also hope this gives you a reason to not give up on going natural.
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