How To Grow Longer And Thicker Eyelashes Naturally

If you're tired of using false eyelashes and need to grow your natural eyelashes with natural ingredients then you're in the right place. Most ladies love and admire long eyelashes because they believe it makes them look beautiful and also draws attention to them but unfortunately not everyone is blessed with long eyelashes.

Why Your Eyelashes Aren't Growing 

1. Chemicals from your mascara are drying out your eye lashes which can lead to breakage.

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How To Grow Your Eye Lashes Naturally

The best way to grow your eye lashes is to use natural ingredients that will not have a negative reaction on your skin. One of the cheapest ways of to grow your eyelashes is to use Castor Oil. It works well! 

Castor oil contain  90% ricinoleic acid, (according to a study in the International Journal of Science and Research.) which helps to moisturize the eyelashes, it also contains omega-6 fatty acids and vitamin E which helps to improve the health of the eyelashes.

How To Use Castor Oil For Longer & Stronger Eyelashes 

1. Apply castor oil with a cotton wool to your eyelashes at night and wash out the next morning

2. Apply little drops of castor oil to your regular mascara. Use as usual.

Things To Note

1. Please avoid getting castor oil in contact with your eyes 

2. Kindly do a patch test to be sure that castor oil will not irritate your skin.

3. You can buy original castor oil on my blog Click here to buy unrefined castor oil


  1. Thank God I have long lashes but its breaking out already.... My eye lead itches and in the process of scratching it, i get to remove literally my lashes 😢

    1. Do you use mascara?
      If yes then there's a high chance you're reacting to the ingredients in the mascara or probably toxins in the air.
      You can go for a eye test to be sure of what is causing the itching.


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