5 Makeup Mistakes To Avoid This Year

January 07, 2020

Makeup helps enhance your beauty and the fun part about makeup is that; you can decide to look differently any time of the day, thanks to the different shades of colors provided by the makeup industry.
I'm not a makeup freek but I'm always excited at the power of makeup.

As much as makeup can help enhance your beauty if used wrongly it can make you look ugly or let me say crazy. 
Here are few tips to help you avoid major makeup mistakes 

1.Apply A Moistureizer

Always apply a moisturizer before applying your foundation. This helps to give your face a smoother look and also makes the application of your foundation easier  

2. Powder application 

Choose a powder that is exactly your skin color and apply it on your face and your neck region. This will give you a natural look.

3. Eye shadow 

Just because your dress contains four colors doesn't mean they must appear on your eyes. Choose cool colors that will make you look either mature, bold or natural.

4. Lipstick 

Before applying your lipstick, ensure your lips are well prepared to absorb the color. Firstly lick your lips,  then apply your lip balm or castor oil on your lips before applying your lipstick. If you have chapped lips, then you can apply your foundation after the lip balm then the lipstick.
Feel free to experiment with colors when it comes to lipstick.

5. Use Makeup brushes 

This is something you'd like to invest in this year. It'll help give you a smoother and a more professional look. You can also watch YouTube videos on how to use different makeup brushes.

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