Embrace Your Curls...

Natural hair is beautiful no matter your hair texture. I've been opportuned to treat different textures, density, curls, straight etc and all I can say is God blessed us with beautiful hair.

 Embracing your hair brings out the magic in it. Well I'll shout it again; embrace your curls or straights. Whether your hair is relaxed, curly, short, long, medium, black,  ash, red, brown, frizzy, oily, greasy, dry, whatever it is I believe it is worth embracing.

We live in a world where everyone is wearing artificial hair (I do sometimes)  and when you don't, they'll ask you "when are you making your hair" (the Nigerian way of asking you when you're going to do a protective Style). If you do a protective style with your natural hair like patewo, suku, all back, etc you'll be asked that question too. So there's this pressure of natural hair is not fine especially when it's curly 4c hair, you're finally in the pot of soup!

Natural hair is beautiful and should be valued, it's what we were born with and we should not be ashamed of it. It's high time we embrace our heritage and wear it outside the doors with pride. I thank God for those people who have started doing this and for salons who specialize in natural hair, this encourages us to  embrace our hair.

Here are few tips I hope will encourage you to embrace your hair 

1. Hair Gratitude List

I'll encourage that you have a list of what you like about your hair, from the color to the length, texture, porosity, volume etc. Look at those beautiful strands of yours and you'll see how your hair will put a smile on your face. Here's a sample of a hair gratitude list 
a. I love my hair because it is long
b.  Just look at those bouncing curls, they are beautiful 
c. Wow, I've got super full hair
d.  Thank God my hair is medium length which is less stress for me

2. Follow True Naturalisters 

Don't go after people that remind you of how bad and frizzy your hair is. Please don't, this can affect your self esteem. Follow your fellow naturalisters, rock hair styles together, follow bloggers, celebrities, etc with the same hair texture as yours. This will motivate you you be proud of your hair. 

3. Try A Natural Hair Hair stylist 

This is where the issue is, I have lots of people who want to embrace their natural hair but find it difficult to because there are no Natural hair salons in their area. But I think the number is increasing, thank God for Yellowsisi she's really doing a great job. If you're in Lagos you can try her salon, she's good. And I've also heard good testimonies about Natures Gentle Touch.
I currently treat natural hair, wash, deep condition and provide hair products to ladies in Akure. So if you are a student of Futa or you stay around Akure and you need the services above you can Click here.
And guess what?  You can start your own hair salon and make money. If you notice that there's a need for a natural hair stylist in your area then go and get trained and make some cool cash.

4. Have A Hair Regimen 

Don't be a product junkie, you'll just be confusing your hair. Once you've discovered that a particular set of product or a particular way of applying products works for you, then my dear you've fixed the puzzle, so don't stress yourself. Have a hair regimen and stick with it. Your hair will respect you for that.

5. Don't compare 

Hey beautiful don't compare! 
Sometimes some naturalisters package o.  Some people are undergoing some serious hair issue and you're there wishing their hair was yours. Everyone is learning everyday so don't compare. 
We all have different genes, different lifestyles, different hair textures so comparing won't do you good at all. So baby love those curls or straights😘😍

What do you do to motivate yourself when it come to your hair?


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