Product Review: Dermaliss Lotion (or oil)

Looking for an oil that best works on dry skin without any irritation? Then don't look too far again, all you need is dermaliss oil. If someone told me I could get an inexpensive product that will work well for my skin without any side effect It'll be difficult for me to believe, but darmilss proved me wrong, it worked!

 I used to suffer from dry skin, and all the products I've used either bleached me or made my face worse than its initial state. I was almost giving up on my face when I was introduced to dermaliss. I doubted if it'll work, but decided to give it a try since it is affordable. After all it's better to try than to later wish you had tried. 

After using darmilss oil for about two months I can boldly say the following about the product;

Dermaliss Oil

1. What is dermaliss oil 
2. Uses of dermaliss oil 
3. My experience with dermaliss oil
4. How to use darmilss oil
5. What I like about darmilss 
6. Side effects of darmilss oil
7. Where to buy darmilss oil

Product description 

Dermaliss oil, is a moisturizer made of oils and glycerin. It comes in a transparent container with a red cap. The content is yellow in color and feels more like glycerin and less of oil. 

Uses of darmilss oil

1. Used to moisturize the skin
2. Anti-wrinked 
3. Anti-spot 

My experience with darmilss oil

After using darmilss oil for over two months, I must say the product is good. 
It made my skin Soft and did not leave my skin oily neither did it dry out my skin like other products. You can use these product without applying powder or any other form of makeup to your face.

What I like about darmilss oil 

1. It did not dry out my skin 
2. You only need a little to go round your face.
3. It did not irritate my skin in any way 
4. It is very affordable 
5. You don't need to order for it. It can be found in almost every local market

Side Effects Of Dermaliss Oil 

From my research so far I've found out that dermaliss oil may bleach your face if you use it regularly.
My mum and I I've been using it for quite some time now and we are yet to experience any form of bleaching.

How To Use Darmilss Oil 

I'll advice you use this oil once a day since people who have record of dermaliss bleaching their skin used it 2-3 times a day. 
Wash your face in the morning and apply it before applying your make up. Two drops will do. 

Where To buy Darmilss Oil 

You can get it in any local market or super market.

Have you used this oil before please let me know what happened to your face after you used it


  1. Thanks for the review Trybizz. I decided to try the product because of your review and I love the product. It didn't bleach my Face at all. Keep up the good work!

  2. It's very nice. I so much love it .

  3. Can it be used along side my face cream? Please reply.. Thanks

  4. How often can I use it on my face?

  5. Can I mix it with carrot oil? please reply

    1. Honestly speaking I don't know. But I don't think you should because the mixture can invite bacteria since they are made of two different things.
      Dermaliss is made of glycerin and carrot oil is an oil. That's like mixing water and oil. It'll definitely go bad

  6. It works like maggic. I luv it

  7. I've been using demalis cleanser for a while now and I'm having eczema

    1. It's actually not eczema,it's just clearing off the dark parts of the skin,which makes some part light and some dark,once you continue using it,the skin will become even

  8. It's good. Just made me fairer than usual. I think I would try once a day cos I have been applying it twice a day


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