Plantain Sauce Like No Other

Oh mhen I'm tired 😴 
After doing the laundry and clearing my room I decided to cook plantain sauce, what was I even thinking? Thank God it was a success if not I would have cried my ass out

I've been postponing this recipe for some time now due to some reasons best known to meπŸ˜€. I've always wondered how it will turn out, the color, the taste, the aroma... I couldn't stop thinking. So today I decided to quit thinking and just do it. After all, I can only know the truth if I do it. 

Plantain sauce tastes like plantain and looks like pepper sauce. Trust me when I say every spoon you take is a delightful taste of plantain and the taste is quite satisfying. I'll advice you cook this sauce when the plantain available cannot go round everyone in the room, this way everyone gets to taste the plantain in the sauce, so  there is no cheating πŸ˜‚.

Things To Note 

• I thought about different methods of preparing this sauce and decided to do something simple because I personally don't like stress. I prepared it the normal way you'll prepare your stew or sauce at home, all you need to do is to add plantain to the pepper mix. I used this manual blender below to blend the pepper and plantain because at the time I was cooking there was no light. The blender did a good job. Here's the picture of the pepper I blended with it:

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So just in case there's no light you can still make the sauce by simply using this manual blender. The amazing thing about this blender is that it can even grind beans which you can use for moimoi or akara and also tiger nut. Click here to buy 

• I marinated my ponmo for about 3 hours
 All you have to do is; add water to a clean bowl, add seasoning cubes with any other spice of your choice ( I used garlic, ginger, bay leaf),  add your beef or ponmo  and cover. leave for as long as you like, but of it'll be up to 24 hours I'll advice you refigirate it. 


1/2 big very ripe plantain 
11/2 medium onion 
Spices (garlic,  curry, bay leaf,) 
Fresh pepper + Tomatoes 
Beef of choice (I used ponmo) 
1 cooking spoon vegetable oil 
1 tablespoon palm oil 
Dry fish & big cray fish 
Salt and seasoning cubes to taste 

Recipe Developer 
Oluwatomilola Trybizz 


1. Blend pepper + tomatoes + plantain (add garlic and onions).

2. Pour vegetable oil and palm oil in a clean pot on low medium heat. Add dry fish, onions, 1 small bay leaf and cray fish to the oil (this helps to kick start the aroma of the sauce) and let it dry for half a minute. Pour the pepper + plantain mix into the oil and fry well. Make sure you stir while frying 

3. Once the sauce is well fried 
, add salt and seasoning cubes to taste. If the sauce is too thick you can add water or the marinade. Remove bay leaf and  Cook for about 2 minutes before turning off the heat.

Please do not copy this recipe or use any of the pictures for personal or commercial purpose. If you do I'll catch you and I'll win

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