Food and lifestyle blogging Drama

September 13, 2019

1. How I imagine a recipe before preparing it versus how it looks like after preparing it

2. When you do some funny house chores as a new blogger so your family can help you tell their friends about your blog.

3. After 4 hours of preparing a delicious food and you plan to eat it later, only for you to come back and find something else inside the plate.

4. My reaction when want-to-be bloggers want me to teach them how to make money within a week of blogging

5. How my family and friends react when they see me in the kitchen
Family: Trybizz what are you cooking again
Me: Lasagna basamati

6. My mood before brands call me for a meeting versus when they tell me they'll want me to advertise for them free

7. When I receive alert because I'm a blogger.

8. Me thanking God for blessing me with lovely fans and loyal blog readers

9. After writing a long post and no one comments.

10. When monitoring spirits ask me how much I've made so far as a blogger.
Me: would you please mind your business


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