10 Boss Lady Habits You Need To Develop This Year!

September 14, 2019

Have you ever wondered how successful women do their thing? How they look like they've got everything under control and you're lost? Then this post is for you 

It's time to step up your game with this habits and become a boss lady yourself 

1. Plan your week and not your day

A lot of people plan their day instead of the whole week, this gives you the opportunity to know which event is more important, safes you money and also helps you to keep in touch with family and friends.
The disadvantage of planning your day is that you just write out a bunch of things that comes to your mind at that time but planning your week gives you time to be strategic and accomplish the most important things.

2. Eat healthy 

If you want to look healthy and beautiful cut out the junks and excess sugar, it'll make you add unnecessary weight and age faster. Lately scientist and nutritionist have discovered that people who consume junks and sugary foods are more prone to acne, cancer , diabetes and other life threatening diseases.

3.  Network 

Every boss lady creates a good relationship with other boss ladies. Don't just sit down in your house and expect the windows of heaven to open to you, stand up, go out and meet with new people. One of them might have what you need. 

4. Delegate Duites 

Don't be a do it all myself person, learn to work with teammates. This helps you to be more productive and gives room for you to do other things. Don't do things you know others can do for you either for free or for a change. When you die you are no longer a boss lady, so don't kill yourself with unnecessary work. 

5. Sleep well

All work and no sleep makes a boss lady a weak lady. Make out time to sleep, this helps to boost your energy level and also can make you more productive 

6. Declutter baby! 

Practice the act of doing away with things that you don't need. This helps improve your creativity level, boost your mood and also improve your health.
Do away with unnecessary things like; old perfume bottle, empty mascara container, old books, old clothes, empty makeup container, useless plastics etc. 

7. Invest In Yourself 

Don't look outdated and unhealthy because of work and responsibilities. Take out time to invest in yourself; learn to eat clean, go shopping, attend seminars, take an extra course, read books. 

8. Have Fun

Baby please go out with your friends, travel to another state or country,  go swimming, just do anything that'll bring out the fun in you.

9. Respect People

Don't allow your current position to get into your head, be humble and respect both old and young people. This can later open doors to opportunities in the future.

10.  Wake up early 

Waking up early gives you enough time to talk to God and plan your day well. Those who wake up early to plan are the ones who have the power of the day


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