Why You Should Use A Satin Bonnet On Your Natural Hair

August 20, 2019

Hello dear, I missed you! 
I've always wanted to write this post a long time ago, even before I started blogging(I'm serious Jo). Now that I am now officially a blogger I don't think there's a good reason not to write about it. 

I've been natural for let's say 4 years now and I must say there has been ups and downs. Good hair days and bad hair days,  sometimes it seems I'm getting it right and other days I feel like embracing the relaxer. The most annoying thing is when you search the internet for natural hair tips; it just seems like everyone is getting it right expect me.  And did I forget to say that natural hair products are expensive?  Oh boy they are! 

Every naturalister online acts like they are super rich, some will say; " I just got this product from xxxxx and it cost #7000 (naira)" and I'm like...you say what? 😨
I'm a student for heaven sake!
Some DIYs are completely out of this world, mixing God knows what to get a leave-in-conditioner that has to be shipped from outside Nigeria, don't worry I'll just buy a leave in conditioner than make mine.

If there's anything I've learnt during these four years, it's to embrace myself, my hair and who I am. I'm a girl with 4c hair oh la-la and it's growing,  Hallelujah!. How was I able to get here after trying so many things? Well it's all thanks to one of my top secret (which will no longer be a secret once you are done reading this post) , Satin bonnet 

I've always read about satin bonnet and how it can help prevent hair breakage and keep your hair moisturised. Instead of me using it, I did not o. I kept using my hairnet and guess what was happening to my hair, it always gets dry, always looked dull and boring. So I decided to take the whole satin thing serious but I had no idea what satin looked like (please don't act like you're surprised), I searched the internet for satin and it took time before I could relate, then I finally got my first stain scarf.

Experimenting with a satin scarf came out cool but i hardly woke up with it on my head. It was becoming tiresome to find out that my satin scarf was off my head, so I'll wake up with dry hair again. At this point I had to step up my game, thanks to the fact that I forgot my satin scaf at my brother's place (how could I have forgotten something like that?) and I had to get one as soon as possible. I thought about getting a regular hairnet or buying another satin scarf, but when I got to the market I saw satin bonnet, I was shocked and happy. All my plans changed and I got my satin bonnet for the first time in history and I love it. 

What Is A Satin Bonnet 

Satin bonnet is like an hairnet that is made of satin used that helps prevent your hair's oil from drying out. 

Why Use Satin Bonnet 

 1. Breakage:

 ordinary hair net can not protect your hair's oil. It exposes it and your bedsheet material which is  made of cotton or other materials, absorbs your hair oil leaving it dry and liable to breakage. Satin bonnet prevents this from happening. It does not dry out the oils on your hair, leaving your hair moisturized. 

2. Easy To Use: 

it's quite easy to use. No special skill is applied when wearing it unlike the satin scarf. It'll not come off when you're sleeping.

3. No headaches: 

no headaches at all. It's very free. You don't have to tie anything so tight that you'll start having headaches.

4. Beautiful hair: 

You'll wake up with shining hair. No more dry hair or frizzy hair. Your hair remains intact and beautiful 

5. Good for protective styles: 

it helps maintain your protective styles which means low hair manipulation.

Where To Buy Satin Bonnet?

You can buy satin bonnet on my blog at an affordable price (student budget 😉). Simply click here to buy

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