Plantain Recipe: Jollof Plantain

I said on Instagram and whatsapp that I'll be sharing some fresh plantain recipes, some will be new and some will be the usual plantain recipes you are familiar with.  I love plantain and I always thank God for creating plantain. if you  think God does not love you then think of plantain, you'll know He loves you so much that he had to make plantain for you.

Plantain is popularly called the cousin of banana (my best fruit), but why not the brother or sister?  Well I don't know, they are sha of the same family and I love them. Plantain contains potassium and other vitamins. The ripe ones contain sugar which gives it that delicious taste, but I learnt the unripe ones are more nutritious because of the absence of sugar,  well who cares?  Plantain is plantain to me,  whether ripe, unripe, over ripe or even too over ripe.... I eat them allπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

Well before I go straight to the recipe, I'll love to announce that I'm the recipe developer of this recipe....ok mean I created the recipe. I don't think you'll find this else where and if you do, probably It was taken from this blog. I called it jollof plantain because I used the same method of preparing jollof spaghetti just to keep things simple and to not also stress myself of looking for one botanical name that did not lost.πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰

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OK let's go straight to the recipe!


2 big ripe plantain 
1/2 Trybizz chili powder Buy here
1 tablespoon spoon vegetable oil 
Chopped carrots and green beans 
Tomato puree or tomato paste 
Curry and thyme 
Finely chopped garlic 
3  dried cayenne pepper chopped 
1/2 seasoning cube


1. Boil plantain with peel. Once plantain had boiled remove from the pot and cut into medium circles 

3. In another pot, add oil and tomato puree with little water. Once the tomato starts cooking add garlic, onions, chopped cayenne pepper, carrot green beans, seasoning cube salt to taste and Trybizz chili powder Buy here. Stir well

4. After a minute, add the plantains and stir well. Leave to cook for about half a minute or a minute before turning off the heat.

5. Serve your jollof plantain hot with chilled fruit juice 😎

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