How To Make 5 Delicious Nigerian Soup

August 13, 2019

Nigeria is blessed with several nuts and vegetables which our mothers use in making delicious soups.
Here are 5 common delicious soups prepared in Nigeria

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1. Oha soup 
2. Afang soup
3. Egusi soup 
4. Efo riro 
5. Groundnut soup 

1. Oha Soup

photo credit: Nigerian foodtv

Oha soup is what I love to call heaven on earth. It's a soup from the eastern part of Nigeria. Once you taste this soup, you'll fall in love with it. 
    This rich and nutritious soup is usually prepared with Oha leaves, which gives it the name Oha soup... Click here for the recipe 

2. Afang Soup

photo credit: SisiYemmie 

Afang soup taste like heaven and once you taste it you'll never want to taste another soup. The amazing part is that it is easy to prepare and does not require any special cooking skills... Click here for the recipe

3. Egusi Soup

photo credit: Trybizz

Egusi soup is one of the most common soup among the west african people. Some people love their egusi with lumps others fried and some plain.
My Mum's egusi soup recipe is one of my favorites!, she carefully prepares it with love and i think that's what matters the most. She doesn't like the fry method because she believes it's not healthy and she also taught me that whatever you use in making the soup will determine how tasty the soup will turn out. Really learnt a lot from my mum *winks*.
Join me in the kitchen as i make my mum's egusi soup recipe... Click here for recipe

4. Efo Riro

photo credit: Dinner kitchen 

If you think Yoruba people cannot cook then you are wrong. One of the Yoruba's special soup is efo riro, which is the perfect soup for the mighty pounded yam. No other soup goes well with pouded yam like efo riro... Click here for the recipe

5. Groundnut Soup 

photo credit: Trybizz 

I’ve always heard about groundnut soup since I was in primary school but didn’t get a chance to taste it till I got into the university. One blessed morning, I and my neighbor got into a discussion on Nigerian soups and he mentioned Groundnut soup, he told me to try it out and even taught me how to prepare it (don’t underestimate the strength of a guy in the kitchen, lol). He said it’s prepared the same way you prepare Egusi soup. 

Well he was right about groundnut soup, it does have a sweet taste. Let me advise you the way he advised me;  why don’t you try groundnut soup this weekend...Click here for the recipe

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