How To Build Your Self Confidence

August 06, 2019

Being confident is a way of believing in yourself, it's an expression or feeling of certainty. A person who confident is more likely to archive his/her goals than a person who is not. People who lack self confidence are always scared to try new things and may never achieve anything great. But the good news is that you can build your self-confidence and get better everyday

How To Build Your Self Confidence 

1. Don't compare yourself with others 
2. Don't be decieved by social media 
3. Appreciate yourself 
4. Have a gratitude list 
5. Dress well
6. Improve on yourself 
7. Eat well
8. Exercise 

1. Don't compare yourself with others 

Comparing yourself with others is not a wise thing to do, it makes you feel like you're not enough and you'll never be. In life, everyone has their strengths and weaknesses and constantly forcusing on your weaknesses will distract you from improving on your strenghts.
 Instead of comparing yourself with others appreciate their strengths and also your strength. Focus on the things you can do and do well to improve on them so you can become very good at what you do.

2. Don't be decieved By Social Media 

Social media is a nice platform to learn from and can also be used to grow your business, but it can also be deceiveing. Don't believe everything you see on social media, not everything is real. Some smiles are fake, some people rent their friends property to take cool pictures just to have many likes. Don't get carried away by the things on social media, it can drag you to the pit of comparism and you will end up feeling like life has been unfair to you and you'll loose your confidence.

3. Appreciate your self 

I can't stop saying this, I practice this exercise especially on my whatsapp status. Appreciate yourself, you are not there yet but you'll get there. Don't wait until you have everything before you choose to be happy. I have seen people who have little but choose to walk with their faces facing the sky with a big smile. 
Appreciate your little progress and be proud of the person you are becoming.

4. Have a gratitude list

You might feel this is unnecessary just the way I felt it was few years ago but it is very important. Have a gratitude list and write down all the things you're grateful for. I write mine in my devotional book almost everyday, it makes me feel like I'm making progress and also a way of saying thank you Jesus 
Here's how my gratitude list looks like 

• thank God 11 people subscribed to my blog yesterday 
• thank God I was able to face the crowd at **** event. I'm getting better 
• thank you Lord that I was able to finish reading **** book
• I got 1k view on my blog yesterday. hallelujah I'm so grateful father! 

5. Dress well

Another easy way to build your self confidence is by dressing well. When you are properly dressed for an occasion or a meeting, you'll have the confidence to talk to people and also perform your duty.
 You don't have to break the bank before you can look good, all you need is to learn how to combine colors well and also how to recreate your old wears.
Here are few things to help you in dressing ;
• always ask for the dress code of any occasion so you don't look different.
• watch YouTube videos on how to recreate your old clothes to make new ones.

6. Improve On  Youurself 

If you love to do something but you feel intimidated by your friend who is good at it, then go and learn about it and if possible get certified. Always improve on yourself, this helps give you confidence on what you're talking about and can also help others trust what you are saying or what you claim you do.

7. Eat Well

Confidence comes from inside out, what ever you take inside will reflect outside. Have the habit of eating good food and not just anything you see. Plan what you want to eat and eat at the right time.

8. Exercise

Exercise does not only make you look fit but also makes you feel confident. When you exercise regularly you'll become proud of how look like and you'll also feel great.

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