Best Homemade Mayonnaise

August 25, 2019

I used to think that mayonnaise would require a dozen of ingredients, machines and more technicality, but no, I was wrong. Mayonnaise is as simple as the word simple 😀, and you only need 5 ingredients and a blender.

Well,  I don't the origin of mayonnaise but I must say that whosoever invented mayonnaise is a genius. Can you imagine just mixing a few ingredients and then you get that creamy, smooth substance? You see the person is a genius!

The major ingredient in mayonnaise is egg. The can serve as a good source of protein for body and hair. It can be used in salads, and to make some special sauces. I've noticed that not everyone likes mayonnaise, and not everyone likes shawama or salad because of mayonnaise, well me I like both, but I  don't like mayonnaise with bread, it tastes soar.

Things To Note For This Recipe

1. Don't add too much salt, after some days of making the mayonnaise it can become salty

2. Use an odourless oil to avoid your mayonnaise from tasting bad

3. You can add other ingredients to the mayonnaise like garlic, ginger, mustard, pepper etc

I hope you try  it out and tell me how it went


2 eggs

1/2 teaspoon vinegar or Lemon juice

1/4 teaspoon Salt

1 teaspoon Sugar

3/4 cups Vegetable Oil


1. Add egg yolk, vinegar, salt, sugar, into a blender and combine well

2. It will first start looking watery but don't give give up, continue to blend. Then gradually add the oil,  little by little and blend. Add the oil again and blend. You can stop adding oil when you've achieved your desired thickness

3. If the mayonnaise is too thick, add little water and blend. Continue to add water until you get your desired thickness.

4. Pour your mayonnaise into an air-tight jar and store in the fridge


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