Best Beans Pancake Ever!

August 02, 2019

I got a gift from Gemmie and when I opened the bag guess what was inside? two packs of beans flour! 

I've always  known about beans flour and how individuals use it to make moimoi and akara, however I haven't had the opportunity to explore with it especially to know whether it truly works as an ideal trade for beans puree. 

Beans flour comes in to forms 

1. Peeled beans flour  : to make this type of beans flour, the first layer of the beans is peeled off Just a similar way you peel beans before grindling it. At that point it's left to dry, when dried it is grounded using a dry mill

2. Unpeeled beans flour: this has to do with the immediate grinding of the beans without stripping off the first  skin layer. It is said to be more nutritious than the first since it contains more fiber. 

Gemmie got me the Peeled  beans flour  with heaps of pepper, you can even observe the pepper by simply taking a gander at the pack (I cherish hot sustenance you know). 

Has the end of the week moved closer, I started to ponder what I'll use the beans flour for. I'm not the akara type and wasn't even in the state of mind for moimoi so I thought of using  it to make pancake! 

I've never attempted it, yet I hoped and prayed it works well (realize not all trials turn out fine😉). I followed the exact step for preparing pancake and just substituted white flour for beans flour and prepare to be blown away. It turned out pretty well😀 

I attempted to make the vegetarian form of the pancake by taking out the egg however, it turned out has scrambled beans pancake😂. Here's the picture: 

Here's the recipe love 


5 tablespoon bean flour/poweder
3 tablespoon sugar (or any sweetner) 
1 tablespoon oil
half teaspoon vanilla extract 
1 big egg
Pinch of salt 
1 tablespoon grated carrot (optional) 
1 tablespoon coconut flour (optional) 


1. Mix all ingredients in a clean bowl. If the batter is to thick add little water and if it's too runny add more beans flour. 
This should be the consistency of the batter 

2. Using a non-stick pan, lightly coat the pan with oil and use a cooking spoon to scoop the pancakes into the pan. Flip over once the under side is golden brown and remove once the other side is golden brown.

 (I used my old frying pan since its an experiment 😉)

3. Repeat step 4 with the other pancake batter.

Enjoy your pancakes with pap, oat, agave etc

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