7 Important Tips For Trying New Recipes

August 12, 2019

Imagine after spending about 5k on a recipe and the food is staring at you saying "eat me na, no o eat me. Shey you're the queen of food na"😨. 
At that moment I want to faint, because the food looks nothing like the picture I saw on the internet, it's what I call a perfect amoeba 😂. The most annoying part is when you have people waiting for you to serve them,  that's what I call "bad market". At this point I'll just faint.

Cooking can be fun, exciting, creative, interesting and a lot more. But it can also be heart breaking (is that an harsh word? I don't think so. It can really be heart breaking). I had to learn the semi-hard way when trying out new recipes. I had already wasted money, energy and time before I gave myself brain. 

I've found our that you really don't have to stress yourself when trying out new things. There are easy ways to go about it without feeling bad at the end of the day.  I've compiled 7 tips things to help you out when trying new recipes to save you from unnecessary stress and kitchen trauma.

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7 Important  Things Tips For Trying New Recipes 

1. Cook in smaller quantity 
2. Use old kitchen utensils 
3. Don't try new recipes when you have visitors 
4. Read and understand the instructions well
5. Try new recipes during weekends 
6. Don't be scared 
7. Watch YouTube videos 

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1. Cook in smaller quantity

This has helped me a lot. If the ingredient list says 10 cups of rice, use 1 or 2 cups of rice instead. This will help you safe money and avoid wasting food. Then if it comes out well,  you can now graduate to 5 cups then 10 cups. 

2. Use old Kitchen Utensils

If you have old pots, cooking spoon etc. I'll advice you use them instead of your latest pot that was gifted to you. Anything can happen, the food may burn, the ingredients might stain the container (like turmeric). 
I've been a victim of this before, I couldn't understand why the food was burning fast and before I new what was happening my new pan turned black 😔


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3. Don't Try New Recipes When You Have Visitors

Please don't do it,  if something goes wrong, especially for ladies they'll conclude you can't cook. Then the gist of "fine girl that cannot cook" will spread.
Try new recipes when it's only you, or probably you and your bestie or family and inform them that you are cooking it for the first time so no body would expect heaven on earth in their plates.

4. Read And Understand The Instructions well

Sometimes there's nothing wrong with a recipe, it's just that we are always too exited to try it that we miss out an important information. Make sure you read every step well and if there's a part that is not clear to you ask questions from the recipe developer or someone who has tried it before.
For example when I wanted to learn how to cook fried rice (back then in secondary school),  I didn't understand the "fry the rice" part. It sounded strange to me, I had to read other fried rice recipes before I could understand.

5. Try New Recipes During Weekends

Don't try something new when you're heading to work or going for lectures. You might just end up leaving the house hungry and might even end up with a bad morning or a bad day. 
Cook new food during your free days like weekends, so if something goes wrong you'd just go for your regular.

6. Don't be scared 

No body is born with cooking skills (maybe some people are, I don't know), so don't be scared to try and try again. I've made funny mistakes while cooking before so I'm not perfect, I'm learning everyday just like you. If you've tried cooking a particular food before and it doesn't come out right, then try again and again you'll definitely get it. 

7. Watch YouTube Videos 

If you find it difficult to understand what the writer of the recipe is saying, then I'll advice you watch YouTube videos. This will help you understand better and build your cooking confidence

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