5 Simple Ways To Change Your Hair Game

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Hello natural beauty! 
How has been your hair's health lately? are you suffering from hair breakage, hair odour, itchy scalp, hard hair or even slow hair growth? Well I can totally relate and I know exactly how it feels especially when your hair is natural and it shrinks like crazy.

Natural hair is beautiful when you get it right, but getting it right sometimes can be a tough journey and can also be lonely when everyone around is rocking relaxed hair. I'm not against relaxed hair, nah I'm not. Infact both relaxed hair and natural hair have the same treatment, you think I'm lying? Ask the relax hair experts, they'll confirm my claim. So whether your hair is relaxed or virgin you're still natural.

Has people say, success does not happen overnight, it's a result of consistently doing little things that add up to the big thing. So when it comes to your hair whether relaxed or curly you must deliberately take some action that will make your hair look fabulous at the end of the day. These actions are very simple and some might be hilarious but once you do these things you'll begin to see changes in your hair's health and would love your hair again.

5 things to do to have healthy hair

1. Check out your hairdresser 
2. Hair styles 
3. Bad hair products 
4. Use satin bonnet 
5. Massage your scalp with natural oil 

1. Check Out Your hairdresser

I'm currently having serious issues with hairdressers. They are too hard on my hair and will do anything to detangle my hair even if it meant applying serious force. I had to change so many  hairdressers because their action led to severe hair breakage, which took a long time before my hair could recover from it. 
If your hair dresser is too hard on your hair please get up and make good use of the door. Leave for the sake of your hair, because when you loose the hair, your hair's going to badly fall off your scalp.

2. Hair styles

I've noticed that people with healthy hair do simple hairstyles. Not all hairstyles will fit your hair type and you have to know the style your hair will love. Avoid over manipulation of your hair and also tight hair.  This gives you headache, gradually weakens your hair, which leads to hair breakage.

3. Bad hair products 

I've been opportuned to ask some beautiful ladies about their hair products and some say they use any product so they'll definitely get any hair length, any hair volume, any hair color, any anything!
Don't be like them, get nice and quality products and use them generously on your hair. Not all products will work for you but once you find out what works stick with it, it'll work better that way.

4. Use satin hair Bonnet

I thank God for stain Bonnet in my life. It has really been lifesaving and has helped me change my hair game level.  Satin bonnet helps to keep my hair's moisture and prevents it from hair breakage. It's easy to wear and very affordable.
If you are tired of frizzy, dry  and dull hair, then you should try satin bonnet it's the best hairnet ever. You can buy it HERE and begin to enjoy your hair 

5.  Massage Your scalp with Natural oils

Natural oils like coconut oil, castor oil, black seed oil, etc. Are one of the best hair growth oil. Learn to massage these oils into your scalp and watch it work like magic. Your hair will super grow and look healthy. If you love when people stop you on the road to ask you for the name of your  hair product then you need to shop for original hair oils HERE and get all eyes on you

Caring for your hair may look like its expensive and consumes time but trust me all you need is to get it right and use the right products. Aren't you tired of always wearing wig to cover your hair's problem or people looking at you in a weird way because of your hair? Then if you are tired it's time to take the right step by using the right products like Satin Bonnet and 100% Natural oils.


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