July 16, 2019

Have you ever wondered why you eat well, go to the gym, set goals and still feel sick?  It's possible you're still holding on to something called "Unforgiveness"

I've been there before, I'll do all sought of right things and end up feeling bad, I didn't let go easily (maybe because I didn't know how to) which led to me falling sick. I had to learn how to let go and live again! 

I will be sharing with you some key things you need to know about this little virus called Unforgiveness

1. What is Unforgiveness

2. Causes of Unforgiveness

3. Effects of Unforgiveness

4. Signs that you're in the trap of Unforgiveness

5. How to let go and be free

6. How To live without the virus

1. What is Unforgiveness?

Unforgiveness is a virus that slowly destroys your health before you can relise it. It decieves you by making you think you have to go for more check ups, eat more veggies, have some more personal time and after everything you still feel pain.
Unforgiveness can simply mean the absence of forgiveness, not willing to pardon or waive any negative feeling. It makes the victim think he is in charge by holding a negative feeling againt the offender.

2. What causes Unforgiveness?

There are several reasons and the reasons are unique to each person.
Everyone has a laid down rule in their heart whether they are aware of it or not and once this rule is broken, they feel cheated, abandoned, used etc which can end up leading to Unforgiveness.

3. Effects Of Unforgiveness

a.  Unhappy: You become unhappy and when you're not happy it affects some part of your body, like your stomach, heart, chest etc. Also you don't become very productive in the things you do.

b. Sickness: like I said earlier, I fell sick, I began to have this strange chest pain. The pain will come and go and all of a sudden it grew worse that I needed to see a doctor.
Research has shown that unforgiveness can increase the risk of heart attack, insomnia, high blood pressure, hypertension. So it's possible the pain you feel is because you're holding on to something.

c. It Blinds you: it makes you to view the world in a negative way and closes your eyes to new opportunities l,  like making new friends, growing your business, finding new love etc.

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4. Signs You Are In The Trap Of Ungforgiveness

a. Feeling uneasy when the offender's name is mentioned

b.  Always wishing the offender ill luck

c.  Having the fear of trying new things or getting close to someone

d.  Avoiding meetings where the offender will be present

5. How To Let Go And Be Free!

I know people say let it go but we both know how difficult it is especially when the offender is not even sorry for his offense. Letting go can be easy if you think of it has easy regardless of how much the person hurt you (hey I'm not saying the pain isn't much).

a.  Focus On Your Freedom: One easy way to let go is by thinking of the advantages of letting go. Think of how happy and free you were before the event happened. Think of your life without pain, think on how many opportunities you'll get and so many others. And the advantage always pay than holding on to the pain.

b.  Talk to the Offender: this might sound crazy but do it! It will help you understand why he/she did it. Sometimes some people don't want to hurt you but they were threatened to do it and others don't even realise they did, so talk to the offender and find out what's missing

c.  Talk To someone: this is necessary when the pain has grown beyond you. (you can send an email to if you need someone to talk to). Sometimes talking to someone can ease the pain and make you feel understood, and also help you heal better.

d.  Pray: this too is essential. Each time I didn't know how to forgive I'll go on my knees and pray to God to help me let go, and also heal me from the hurt the person caused me. Trust me prayer works!

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6.How To Live Without The Virus

I will like you to know that everything thing that happens to you makes you a stronger and a better person. So to be able to live your life far away from the virus I'll advice you do the following

a.  Study yourself to know what hurts you. You can even right it down to know how to deal with them

b.  Tell your family and friends about the things that hurt you so they don't do them

c.  Don't watch the same event repeat itself. Take action!
For example: if you have been raped before don't stay alone with the rapist or  avoid him to stop it from happening again.
Learn to withdraw wisdom from your previous experience.

d. Have a consistent fellowship with God. He'll guide and teach you on how best to live your life.

Have you experienced Unforgiveness before? we would love to hear your story and how you handled it. Kindly share in the comment box below or you can send an email to if you would love to talk to me.
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