How To Forgive Someone Who Does Not Deserve Forgiveness

July 23, 2019

Everyday we here this statement "forgive and forget" or probably you've even advised someone to forgive and forget and when it gets to your turn to follow that rule you can't forgive, why?  Because the offender does not deserve to be forgiven!

It's really annoying when the offender does not feel sorry for his wrong doing, and in some cases they threaten to hurt you more. And it's even more annoying when everyone is saying forgive and forget like its that easy to do. 

You see, you have every right to be annoyed and pray bad things happen to the person but at the long run who gets hurt? Who misses out on big opportunities? Who gets sick? 
It's nobody but you

I've come to realize that forgiveness does not have to do with whether the offender is sorry or not. Or whether he can pay back or not. Forgiveness is an act of showing mercy to someone who does not deserve it.

How To Forgive  And Live 

1. Think Of Yourself:

What have you gained ever since you've decided not to forgive the person, how have you felt ever since that day?
Did not forgiving the person make him/her feel sorry? Definitely No and I'm sure you have not felt good ever since then.
Don't forgive because of the person but forgive because of yourself. Release yourself from unnecessary emotional stress and depression by letting go. 

2.  We are all Offenders:

Look at it from this point of view, we are all offenders and none of us deserves to be forgiven. Someone forgave you of something you did, whether you are aware of it or not. Baby we are all human beings and we are getting better everyday. So show mercy so that mercy will be shown to you.

3. Develop a Forgiving heart:

Learn to forgive even before the person ask for it. This helps to free your heart of any form of pain and sickness. Research has shown that happy people live longer and you can only be truly happy when you're not holding on to something.

4. Talk:

Talking is powerful, it frees your mind and helps you see things differently. Talk to the offender if possible to be able to understand why he/she did it. If it's not possible then talk to a good friend about it and the friend will help you see things from a different perspective.

5. Go for Therapy:

A lot of us avoid these step thinking we can handle it. But if it's a serious case like rape, murder, I'll strongly advice you go for therapy, not just because of the offender but because of yourself. Most people who get hurt end up hurting others because they could not handle the issue well. So please visit a counselor either offline or online.

6. Pray To God:

Ask the Holy Spirit to help you forgive the person and also pray for your own healing.

Have  you experienced Unforgiveness before? we would love to hear your story and how you handled it. Kindly share in the comment box below or you can send an email to if you would likr to talk to me
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