Best Remedy For Dry Skin

July 26, 2019

I use to have severely dry skin, I'll apply lots of cream on my skin before it could look normal. I was always embarrassed my the nature of my skin because even though I tried to make it look normal after few hours of applying cream it'll end up looking dry.

I was forced to use harsh products on my skin like petroleum jelly, oils etc and they made my skin wrinkle. Finding the perfect product for my skin was tough for me so most times my skin looked dull,  cracked, and my facial skin was prone to acne.

The skin on my face is more sensitive than other parts of my body. Since I could not find a perfect moisturizer for my face it made it look dull and prone to acne. I dare not even work outside my door without a moisturizer on my face, my face will look like I rubbed pap on it, and if I apply a moisturizer within few days I'll have acne.

I had to experiment with a lot of skin care products and most of them failed me. Then I decided to do a research on dry skin, it's causes and a remedy for it. 

In this post I'll let you know:

1. What dry skin is

2. Symptoms of dry skin 

3. Causes of dry skin

4. Solution to dry skin 

1. What is dry skin? 

Dry skin is an uncomfortable skin condition when there is absence of water and natural body oil in the superficial layer of the skin. 

2. Symptoms Of Dry Skin 

1. Itchy skin

2. Cracked skin 

3. Dull looking skin 

4. Small white flakes on skin

3 . Causes of dry skin

There are different causes of dry skin and they include 

1. Hot shower bath:

Oh boy I wish I knew this a long time ago. My mum made us bath with hot water since we were kids and that was because we were prone to cold. So I grew up bathing with hot water and I got use to it. Infact no one was able to bath with my water and my Dad's water because it was always very hot. 
After I did my research I discovered that hot water dries off your body's natural oil living your skin dry, so I had to stop bathing with hot water and sometimes I bath with warm water.

2. Gene:

Gene plays a significant role in determining how your skin will look like. I thought I was the only one with dry skin when lately I discovered that my mum and my younger brother both have dry skin. I got home from school one day and my mum complained of similar issues she's been having with her skin, so I concluded I got the skin from her. 

3. Bad Facial and Body Products:

Some beauty products contain harsh chemicals that dry the skin. And consistent use of such products will leave your skin looking dull, dry, and cracked. If your skin care product contains any harsh chemical I'll advice you stop using them. 

Other causes include humidity, dry air, swimming in a chlorinated pool, dehydration etc

4. Solution To Dry Skin

There are several remedies to dry skin,  but if you feel you're tired of experimenting then I'll recommend you visit a dermatologist to advise you on what to do and use. 
Here are some remedies to dry skin 

1. Reduce or stop Hot Water bath :

I stopped bathing with hot water for some months and I saw a clear difference in my skin. I no longer need to add extra oil to my body lotion to get a smooth and manageable skin

2. Change Your Diet:

This is essential to a positive change in your skin. Consume more of healthy fats like coconut oil, olive oil, almond oil etc. Don't forget to drink enough water, eat your vegetables and fruits.

3. Use Organic Skin Care Product:

I know they can be expensive atimes but they are the best. Find an organic product that goes well with your skin and stick with it. You can even make your own products at home (I make my facial scrub and coconut oil myself). You can try coconut oil but I've learnt it does not work well for everybody. It works for me but it made  me look darker, so I had to change and reduce the way I use it.

4. Exfoliate Your Skin:

I never knew the importance of exfoliating until I tried it myself. Exfoliating your skin helps to remove dead skin from your skin. It'll make your skin feel soft and look smooth. You can make your own scrub or buy one from any beauty store.

Do you have dry skin?  Tell us the product you use to manage your skin
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