Are All DIYs Worth Your Time?

July 24, 2019

DIY is a good way of learning new skills and getting more creative with the things you have around you. It helps to save cost and in monitoring the ingredient or material used.
I encourage people to do things themeslves because these days what the manufacturing companies are given us is either inferior or dangerous to our health. Imagine you buying coconut oil and 70% of it is vegetable oil, or a shampoo and all you can see in the ingredient section are the chemicals in your chemistry lab.

There are so many DIYs out there, making people to feel more confident in the things they do and also producing job opportunities for others, but are all DIYs worth it? 

Pros Of DIY

1. Cheap:

DIYs can be cheaper than buying the item in the market. Sometimes most of the ingredients needed for a successful DIY are already in your house and you may only need to buy a few more things.

2. Healthy:

Doing things yourself helps you monitor the ingredients you consume. Most DIYs I have come across mostly opt out for the best ingredients.

3. Job Opportunity

If you learn how to do things yourself, you can as well turn it into a business. You can either sell the things you make, teach people how to make them, or sell the ingredients needed for the production of the item. 

4. Confidence 

Doing things yourself can help improve your confidence and your health. And when you're confident you are able to approach people and get lots of opportunities.

Cons Of DIY

1. Time Consuming:

I don't think all DIYs are worth the time especially if you are a busy person. Some of them take time to make and you can end up feeling stressed.

2. Not successful

Not all DIYs come out successful. You'll watch a YouTube video on how to make a light box and when you make yours, it looks far from the original thing you saw on the video. Some youtubers lie about the things they make. after spending so much time and money in producing something, you end up finding out they used a ready made item for the video.

3. Expensive 

Not all DIYs are cheap. Some are even more expensive than the original product, so why waste so much time in producing something you can get at a cheaper price.

4. Unhealthy 

Some DIYs, like soap making are not good for your health. Inhaling those harmful chemicals just because you want something cheap is not worth it at all. 

5. Dangerous 

Not all DIYs are safe especially if you don't know much about that field, like electrical work, plumbing, carpentry etc. I'll advice you get a professional to do the job than to risk your life.

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