7 Things To Do Everything night Before Going To Bed

July 25, 2019

For you to be healthy you must sleep well. Healing takes place when you sleep and your body becomes more energized. But It's unfortunate to know that people don't get enough sleep like before.

When you don't sleep well, you become stressed through out the day and may not be able to be productive with your daily activities. Lack of sleep can also cause weight gain, increase in blood pressure, stoke, heart disease, kidney disease etc. 

It is important that you get enough sleep for you to be healthy and productive. Science has proven that you need 7-8 hours of sleep to be healthy but some people get less. Here's 7 things to do before going to bed to get enough sleep and wake up energized!

7 Things To Do Every Night Before Going To Bed 

1. Plan to sleep:

This may sound crazy but it's the truth. As much as it is good to plan when to wake it is also good to plan when to sleep. You may not end up falling asleep exactly that time but you will sleep within that time range. When you plan to sleep at a particular time, your body gets use to it and you'll later begin to feel sleepy once it's that time.

2. Switch off your phone:

Once it's time for you to sleep, it's better to turn off your phone and avoid calls and messages. Receiving calls during bed time would make you stay awake than the time you plan. Also when your phone rings  while sleeping it will interrupt your sleep and you may find it difficult to sleep after receiving the call. So switch off your phone before going to bed.

3. Go offline:

Don't visit social media when you're in bed, you'll end up staying awake for a longer period. You might begin to see things that are disturbing and may not end up sleeping well. so it's advisable to stay off social media once it's bed time.

4. Read a book:

This works for me and some other people. Instead of going on social media read a book,  it'll help you sleep off faster.

5. Forgive 

Forgive anyone that has offended you during the day. Don't let another person that is sleeping peacefully in his/her house deprive you of quality sleep. Forgive and enjoy your life.Click here to know how to forgive someone who doesn't deserve forgiveness

6. Plan tomorrow:

It's best to plan your day before going to bed. This will help you become more organized and productive. Don't just plan what you want to do during the plan, also plan what you will wear, eat and any other thing.

7. Pray

Pray to God every night before you sleep. Tell him to give you sound sleep and He will do it. Commit both your night and day into His hands and He'll make everything work together for your good.

Do you sleep well at night? Kindly share in the comment box the things you do to sleep well
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