6 Things Stopping You From Becoming The Best You

July 23, 2019

Everyone loves to feel good, be healthy and be productive but not everyone ends up having what they desire. And these can allow a negative emotion to gradually grow in their hearts
But I've got good news for you, you can feel your best even with how your life is right now. You don't have to wait to come out of that challenge or change location before you can feel your best

Things Stopping You From Becoming The Best You

1. Unimportant meetings

You don't have to attend all the meetings or events you are invited to. If you know your presence won't make a big difference in a meeting then I'll advice you use that time to do something more productive

2. Junk Food

Junk food makes you feel tired easily and doesn't help you think smart. research has been carried out on how people's health will turn out if they feed on junks and it has been proven that people who eat junks are more liable to feel depressed, tired and easily fall sick since these foods contain little or no nutrient.

3. Toxic relationship

Sometimes it is difficult to leave a toxic relationship especially when you have invested in the relationship or the person has once been good to you. But for the sake of your health, your work, your productivity level, it's best to walk away from a toxic relationship.
People who stay too long in a toxic relationship end up feeling depressed, may commit murder, and may not be able to archive their goals

4. Lack Of Proper Planning

Once you fail to plan you have planned to fail indirectly.  Plan for everything, plan your day, plan what you want to eat, plan the clothes you want to wear for the week, plan on how to visit your family or loved ones. Planning helps you live a balanced and healthy lifestyle and the best time to start planning is from your morning or the night before your morning.

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5. Doing what You Hate

Please and please try as much as possible to do what you love. Even if it stresses you sometimes you'll still hang in there because you love it. I love to blog but it's not always convenient for me to but I still do it because I love it!
When you do what you love you become happy and when you're happy you're healthy!

6. Spending Money On Unnecessary Things

Sometimes we buy things we want and not things we need which makes our bank account cry for help. These days when I go to the market I go with a list of the things I need and a little extra cash just Incase the prices have change. And when I'm being tempted to buy something outside the list I'll say to myself "Trybizz self control, self control" and I'll quickly leave that spot. It has worked well for me and my roommate. (You can try it too or find something else that can work for you)

Things To Do To Be At Your Best

1. Eat Healthy

What you eat goes a long way in determining how you'll look and feel. Go for more whole foods than processed foods. Eat less sugary foods and get your sugar from fruits. Above all consume more vegetables.

2.  Prioritize

To prioritize means to arrange or list a group of things in order of priority or importance. This will help you know if a meeting or an event is important or not, or if you need to buy that beautiful leather bag or not.
When you prioritize you save yourself of a lot of emotional stress, physical stress and financial stress.

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3.  Rest well

After a busy day take your time to rest. Switch off your phone, lay in your bed and sleep. Don't think of watching a movie instead sleep and let your body become more energized again for the next day.

4. Take A Break

Take a break from your busy schedule and go out with your friends or family. You can even take yourself out. Learn to catch some fun and enjoy your life.

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