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June 12, 2019

I was in my room one evening thinking of how to read a book and plan tomorrow when I received a call from Lead transformation initiative to come speak on what students should eat during exam period. I must say that I was surprised and happy too. I love to talk about things like this and I'm grateful for the privilege given to me to give people health advise.

I was able to deliver well on the topic and advise students on the type of food they should eat, especially during exam period. Before I left the radio station I received calls and messages from different students requesting to know more about what to eat and how it affects the way they think.

 Let's go back to the big question, what should students eat during exam period ? Is there any food that should be eaten during exam and should not be eaten after exam? I'll say No! You know why? Being healthy or fit for a task is a process.

Healthly food should not be an emergency food, they should be your daily food. I've come to notice that people tend to go for healthy meals when they are sick and even people who come to visit them during that period bring along with them fruit. This has given many of us the notion that fruit should be taken mostly by the sick.
I was in a conversation with a friend concerning one of my post "ugwu smoothie", and here's what he said; "why should I take ugwu smoothie when I'm not sick?". Well you should so that you don't fall sick!

There's another misconception that healthy foods are expensive and most of them are not in Nigeria. Where did that come from?! We have lot of fruits, vegetables and grains that are good enough to keep you healthy. I'm not saying that Nigeria has all the best type of healthy food, but the truth is that no country has everything, that is why we  import and export our goods and resources to maintain a balance. But this shouldn't stop you from giving your body the necessary vitamins that it needs.

Healthy food are good food and they should not be far from your food list. They help your body fight against diseases and also make your skin glow, so why shouldn't you go for them?. When you change your mindset about how expensive good food are, then you'll begin to notice how affordable they are and you'll become more creative in your kitchen.

I've been able to gather a reasonable amount of food (mostly common in Nigeria) that is good for your brain and body in general. I hope this encourages you to eat good food.

Brain Food

1. Nuts: Nuts are one of the best brain Food. peanut, walnuts, cashew nut and other nuts are all rich in healthy fats, antioxidants and vitamin E, which aids a sharper memory. But the best of them is walnut because they contain omega-3 fatty acids.

2. Eggs: 
Eggs are a rich source of several B vitamins and choline. Chloine is found in the egg yoke, and two studies have found out that a higher intake of chloine can help improve memory and mental health. Also the other vitamins found in egg; vitamins B12, B6 and folate are important for proper brain functioning and development, as well as regulating mood.

3. Green tea:
Green tea is an excellent beverage to support your brain. Its caffeine content  has been found to improve alertness, performance, memory and focus. while its antioxidants protect the brain and L-theanine helps you relax without making you feel tired.

4. Vegetables:
uguw, water leaf, spinach, broccoli and other greeny vegetables are a vital source of vitamins B6 and B12 which are associated with improvements in alertness and memory. Dark greeny vegetables are rich in vitamin K, which helps build pathways in the brain, as well as naturally occurring nitrates and antioxidants.
The best way to get the nutrient out of vegetables is to juice them or make smoothie with them. Click here to make uguw smoothie

5. Turmeric:
Turmeric contains an active compound called curcumin, this compound is said to have strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits, which help to improve Brain memory. In research, it has reduced symptoms of depression and Alzheimer's disease.

6. Oily Fish:
Fatty fish is a vital source of omega-3s, which the Brain uses to build brain and nerve cells. Omega-3s play a major role in sharpening memory and improving mood, as well as protecting your brain against decline.

Other food include;  fruits (oranges,  berries etc),  pumpkin seeds,  whole grain food.

Foods To Avoid When Preparing For An Exam

1. Processe Processed Sugar Food:  People have often said its good to take sugar when you are reading, but it's not totally true. It gives you a temporary result. When you consume sugary food you increase your blood sugar level which gives you a temporary rush of energy and then a crash leaving you moody and unable to focus.
If you feel you have to consume sugar it's best to consume natural sugars gotten from fruit and not cookies, soft drinks etc.

2. Processed Flour: white Processed flour are empty, they do not contain fiber leaving you hungry in few hours.

3. Caffeine: Students believe that drinking coffee can help them stay awake for longer hours this is true but an excessive in take of caffeine could lead to lack of concentration during day time, increase your risk of heart disease, cause dehydration, increase the amount of acid in your stomach they by leading to heart burn and an upset stomach.

What do you eat during your exam period?
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