Spicy Banana Chips

Dad just hervested some red banana from his farm and I couldn’t wait for them to get ripe before I devour them so I came up with Spicy banana chips (lol).  Don’t mind me I love spicy food.
So here’s the recipe friend :

4 Unripe banana
Orange/ grape juice
Salt (to your desired taste)
Spices (ginger, ground Chili Pepper,tumeric)

•Slice the banana to desired size and place them in a flat tray
•In another bowl mix half cup of water, orange/grape juice and any spice of your choice (those are the ones I used above)
•Then pour over the sliced bananas and leave to marinate for 10-20mins
•After 10mins drain the water into another bowl (it can be used for another set)
•Line your baking pan with parchment paper and spread the banana on it
•bake in the oven for 30mins or till when crispy
•Or you can fry them
Enjoy your spicy banana chips
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