Difficult to keep your kitchen clean? Try these methods

Maintaining a clean kitchen sometimes could seem difficult, there were days I wished I could just clean the kitchen once in a month and it would remain like that for the rest of the month. Funny enough there are some of your friends that when you enter their kitchen it would always be clean and in your mind your asking yourself is she a super woman? 
I had to come up with something that could help me maintain a clean kitchen and here they are:
1. Maintain a clean and plate free sink
This is very important because once your sink is full of plates trust me it disfigures your kitchen. Try as much as possible to make sure that your sink is always clean and free of plates.
2. Have a place for each kitchen utensil
Having a permanent place for keeping each of your utensils helps you save time when cooking and makes your kitchen look good. If you’re not staying alone discuss with your partner, children, friend or even visitors who would be staying for a Long time about where a particular utensil should be kept.

3. Get a big waste bin with cover
A big waste bin that comes along with a cover would be a good deal in your kitchen. Waste bins without cover allows whatever is inside them to drop on the floor especially when full. Try to dispose your waste bin once full and use a waste bin liner.
4. Clean stove top
Immediately you finish cooking clean your stove top. Once  dirts (oil,water, food particles) stays on it for long it becomes difficult to clean and could irritate the material of the stove top.
5. Learn the use and clean method

This method has helped me a lot. Once you finish using a plate or anything that needs washing or cleaning do it immediately and not later. If you spill water, oil etc on the floor clean it immediately.
I hope these methods help you. Do you know of a particular method that has helped you to maintain a clean kitchen?, kindly comment it below  and help someone today
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