Culinary Over Suicide! (#cos2019)

CMK is one of the 10  outstanding culinary Institutes in Nigeria and has been awarded the “Best Catering Firm” in Nigeria. The school has been touching lives and saving homes since 2013 through enlightening people on how to stand out in the culinary industry.

Due to several suicide cases in Nigeria, CMK has decided not to fold her hands and watch people take their lives. Instead, the school has decided to give hope to people by inviting 1,500 persons in Lagos and Port Harcourt to her three days Community service programme themed: CULINARY OVER SUICIDE. Admission to the program is Free and it comes with benefits including courses on culinary skills to pastries finesse. Below are the necessary details to note concerning the program

To register:
• Follow CMK on Facebook and Instagram @cmkculinary #repost with the #cos2019

• send your name, age and location to
Cmklagos ☎️ 07026600011
CMKPHCITY ☎️ 07026600012

•  Date: 13th-15th June, 2019.
   Venue: CMK Culinary School LAGOS and PH
   Time: 10am daily

That's all the necessary information you'll be needing to  attend the program. Don't forget that there's always hope as long as you are still breathing and suicide is not an option.

Please tell a friend about this program and let's eradicate suicide in Nigeria.


  1. thank you so much for this trybizz, you've been giving us so much hope in this life with your awesome mind blowing recipès.
    Here again another opportunity you've presented to make sure your audience stays alive. Another trybizz Alive recipe

  2. Thank you so much for this, such a great opportunity... not missing this

  3. Suicide is a very serious issue because we don't pay attention to mental health in this country. Am glad people are getting aware.

  4. Culinary over suicide is an opportunity that everyone must accept, let's get rid of this mind virus called suicide

  5. It's good how everyone and various organisation in different sectors are putting all hand on deck using their various ventures to combat suicide in Nigeria. I'm sure we'd conquer this virus just the same way we did Ebola. #culinaryoversuicide


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