Can I wash My Hair In Cornrows? (Lazy wash day)

I must make a confession, please don't tell anybody o; I used to dread wash days😬. I would ask my roommate "babe I can still manage this hair style for one more week na?" and she will answer "yes" ...and this bad habit of mine was secretly damaging my hair.
Wash days can be stressful for we naturals. From sectioning your hair, to pre-pooing, to shampooing, to deep conditioning, and God help you if you are trying to make your own shampoo and conditioner that same day. I'm sure by the time you are done washing your hair you'll feel exhausted.
I had to come up with a simple and effective way of washing my hair that will help me keep my scalp clean, manage shrinkage, and leave my hair soft.

Why Should You Wash Your Hair In Cornrows
1. Washing your hair in cornrows is one simple and stress-free way (especially for Mums and busy Women) to quickly get rid of dirts from your scalp.

2. This method of washing helps ensure that your hair experiences minimum shrinkage

3. It is time saving, in less than hour you are done

How To Wash Your Hair In Cornrows

I'll advise you wash your hair on friday night so that by saturday morning it would have dried  and you can either loose it or wear a wig

1. Plait your hair into cornrows
2. Massage your scalp with your favourite hair oil
3. Wash your hair thoroughly with your shampoo. You may need to wash it 3 to 4 times for best results
4. Apply your conditioner to your hair, especially the ends of your hair. Cover with a plastic bag for 15-45 minutes.
5. Rinse out the conditioner with apple cider vinegar rinse.

Have you tried this method before? How did your hair react?
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