Trybizz Potato-Alive

April 26, 2019

My previous post was on potato soup and now I'm here again with Trybizz potato alive!. I'm glad to announce to you that this is one of my recipes and I'm more happy that you are reading it (and I hope you try it). I have always wanted to make this recipe but kept procrastinating, not anymore, I made it!😁.

I was reading gem woman magazine when I was a child and came across the food section and what I saw made my jaw drop, I saw different potato recipe in the magazine. I thought a lamb sauce was potato not until early this year when I picked up the magazine and found out that it was onions. "Seriously onions? you mean I have been craving to eat onions all these years?"
I had always hoped for a day I would get to taste all the beautiful food I saw on the magazine, but finding out that one of my favourite recipe was a sauce covered in onions was disappointing, because all my life I had always thought it was potato and imagined what the cook must have used to cut the potatoes that slim and if she had used a knife it was going to take a lot of time. I laughed at myself for my childish thoughts back then. I should have read the instructions well before day dreaming.

I thank God I thought it was potato, because that was what gave birth to this recipe. Since I could see slim shaped potato in my mind, I had a strong feeling I could birth it into reality. I used a multi-vegetable cutter to achieve the result of the slim onions. I must confess that the cutting did take a little bit of my time but it was worth it and using a knife would have frustrated me or I might have cut myself trying to get the same result.

Some of you might be wondering why named it Trybizz potato alive, well I did because it came from me and I was able to give life to the potato. You know I had always thought of slim potatoes, so the potatoes in Trybizz mind came to life!

3 medium potatoes
Onions sliced
1 clove garlic, chopped
Green bell pepper
Half teaspoon thyme
Scotch bonnet peppers (ata rodo)
Spices ( ground tumeric & ginger)
Salt and seasoning cube to taste
Fried/Grilled beef cut into slim pieces
Vegetable oil to fry.

1. Peel potato and use a vegetable cutter to slice it slim. Make sure you add water to your potato bowl if not it'll change colour.

2. After cutting, drain the water and sprinkle salt, tumeric and ginger on the potato. Follow the way I added the salt and spices, this helps the potato absorb the salt first.

3. Fry the potato for 1-2mins if not it'll turn to potato chips. Just the way mine did in the image below. We don't want chips, we want a soft tenderly fried potato (lol...I hope you understand😂)

4. Cut all the peppers, beef and onions in similar shape with the potato. This will make it look beautiful.

5. Reduce the oil in the fry pan or you can use another frying pan to continue the cooking. Add little oil to the pan and fry the onions first and then add the peppers, thyme, garlic and beef. Sprinkle seasoning cube to taste (I used almost half of a cube). Fry for a minute while stirring it.

6. Add the fried potato into the pan and stir well. Fry for another minute before turning off the heat.

And that's it, your potato is now Alive!

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