Potato Soup

April 19, 2019

Potato is a starchy root (tuber) and can be called a vegetable, yes you heard me a vegetable!. It is rich in fiber, natural sugars, vitamins(C, B6), has more potassium than a banana  and a good deal of starch. It's amazing to know potato contains no cholestrol, fat, sodium and it is gluten free, hence it goes well for any type of diet you are into.

This amazing vegetable has been a staple food in many countries including Nigeria and it is the world's fourth largest food crop. It contains 100 calories per serving and can keep you full faster than other vegetables.

There are about sixteen different types of potatoes but mostly two are common in Nigeria; Irish potato and Sweet potato. I love sweet potato simply because it is sweet😊. I can have my sweet potato in different ways, either boiled, fried or baked, but when it comes to Irish potato it has got to be fried or count be out.

I have noticed that Nigerians mostly eat their potatoes with fried egg, chicken, sauce, porridge(mostly cooked with beans) and sometimes as mashed potatoes (which is not common amongst Nigerians). As a foodie and a recipe developer I had to think of something different from the usual and viola "Potato soup" came to my mind.
 How possible can this be?, should it be called a soup or a porriage?...
 I had so many thoughts that came to my mind at the point of writing this recipe. I later chose to call it a soup because it is a soup😀. thanks to my Mum and Gemmie for helping me out with the name.

I tried using common ingredients so you will not have to tell me you couldn't make the soup because the big shopping mall is far from your house. I carefully prepared this soup with love and you in mind and I hope you enjoy every spoon of it😘.


1. 5 sweet potatoes, peeled & chopped

2. Half teaspoon turmeric ( this gave the potatoes the bright lemon color)

3. Half clove garlic

4. Half teaspoon ginger & ground pepper

5. 1 teaspoon each Curry & thyme

6.  Seasoning cube & salt to taste

7. Onions, peppers & veggies(carrot & green beans), chopped

8. I tablespoon vegetable oil

9.  Water to cook


1. Add water enough to cook the potatoes in a clean pot. Add all the spices (ground pepper, garlic, ginger, turmeric, curry and thyme). Add onions, vegetable oil, seasoning and salt. Allow to boil on medium heat.

2. Immediately the water starts boiling add the potatoes. Ensure that the water covers the potatoes a little. If it doesn't add more water.

3. When the potatoes are almost soft add the chopped veggies and pepper and boil for a minute before turning off the heat.

4. Please make sure there is enough water in the pot so as not to turn the recipe into a porridge and do not stir the pot too much it can make the potatoes break and turn it to a porridge.

5. Serve the soup hot.

This soup should be best served for dinner.

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