Why Your Natural Hair Is Not Growing

I listen to people talk about their hair and how it's a burden to them. "Trybizz I'm tired of this hair", " maybe I'll relax it", " my hair does not grow" etc.
Well I've been there before, there was a time I just wanted to cut my hair because it wasn't nice to me, and same with the hairdressers. My hair will just all of a sudden turn frizzy and hard and worse of all it was breaking. "Where have I gone wrong again with this hair", I'll say to myself. I had to do lots of research and study my hair to know what it needs to grow and glow.
So before you cut or relax that beautiful hair of yours read the tips below that can help you know why your natutal hair is not growing

The Image shows how much my hair grew when I started paying attention to it.

1. You abandon your hair in Protective styles
This is common with most ladies and we hide under the umbrella of "busy". This bad act gradually damages our hair. We attach artificial hair to our natural hair and we leave it for 2-4 months, without washing or applying moisture, haba!, your hair will be angry with you.
This doesn't help your hair in any way, it'll make it break and cause dirty scalp. Learn to wash your hair every 2-4 weeks no matter how busy you are and you'll see the difference in your hair.

2. You do not massage your scalp
Massaging your scalp helps blood flow well through your scalp which leads to good hair growth. Message your scalp with any good hair oil your hair loves, apply the oil to your scalp, place your hand on the oil area and gently rotate your hand with little pressure.
Do this morning and night for best results.

3. You don't have a consistent regimen
I use to be a victim of this too. It's not everyones regimen you most follow on the internet. Look for what works well for your hair and what is easy for you to do (based on your schedule) and consistently do it. This will help your 4C hair grow

5. You do not eat Good Food
This is also Important, you are what you take in!. Whatever you eat reflects on your hair and your body too. Eat good foods like veggies, fruits, foods high in protein (meat, eggs etc) and Omega-3.

6. You are not using the Right products
Products that contains lots of chemicals will do your hair more harm than good. Go for products with organic ingredients. I currently don't use cream on my hair I now use only oil and shea butter because they do not leave my hair dry, flakey and do not cause dandruff.

7. You've not taken time to study your hair
A lot of people use products because their hair role model is using it. The truth is what works for A may not work for B, so study your hair and know what your hair loves. If you give your hair what it loves, It'll definately obey you.

8. Trim your Split ends
This can cause breakage so cut them off, they are old and weak and they need to go for new ones to come. Trim 1-2 inch your ends every 3 months.

9. Deep condition your hair.
Your hair will love you for this. Apply your conditioner after shampooing your hair for 15-30minutes then rinse off.

If you carefully follow these rules you'll begin to see a difference in your hair. I wish you a succesful hair journey!
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