My Take On Veganism

What i'm about to write is my own perspective on the vagan diet, my experience with the diet and my conclusion. Please be aware that I am not a certified nutritionist, although I have taken few online courses on nutrition.

Veganism is more than eliminating  animal diet from the plate, it is a lifestyle for those involved in the diet. They go a long way to not wear and use anything that is made from animals (leather bags, wool etc). They believe their way of life will help save the planet and the animals in it.
On the internet vegans have proven their lifestyle to be the best, and have claimed to feel healthy over the years. Some testified that the diet healed their system, helped in having a clearer skin, lost weight, felt more energy and looked at the world in a positive way. And I must say the results looked pleasing to the eye.

I was attracted to the vagan's lifestyle, because I wanted to know what it feels like to be healthy, to not feel any chest pain or stomach pain not even headache. I have not really enjoyed my health, from stomach pain, inability to digest some food, bad eye sight, fever and breast lump. I have never thought of myself having breast lump before I just felt some things cannot happen to me and after I was treated I fell sick  again and suffered from partial memory loss. if I hadn't seen you in a while I would have to pretend that I know you.

 I had been told by my Oncologist not to eat certain food like over processed foods and canned foods which I followed for some time (and I'm still following some). After I got better, I became more curious about food and wanted to know more and understand more. So I searched the internet on what the human diet should be . I read a book called The Hallelujah Diet bought by my dad who believed the book  would help me heal better and prevent me from falling sick again. The Hallelujah Diet was against eating meat and any animal products expect honey if need be. The book taught on how animal based diet was the major cause of many diseases we have in the world today, and that we can become healthy if we stopped eating animals. There were loads of testimonies in it on how the plant based diet was the best, and I became more curious, and took a quest to study Veganism before going into it.

I was excited about starting the diet and was expecting a tremendous change in my body. I tried out new vegan recipes and even developed some myself, but the vagan diet seemed almost Impossible for me. I still tried to make it work and what helped me the most was that I've never really been a fan of meat or fish, I don't like too much egg, and milk is not my thing. I think I felt better in some areas and felt on top of the world. I never called myself a vegan because I love leather bags and sometimes cheat. Sometimes my skin looked awesome and other times dull so I don't know if it affected my skin, and I maintained my weight.

From my experience, the diet is good, it helps you watch what you eat and can make you feel healthy, but it is not sustainable. I always felt hungry and reacted to some certain veggies and fruits and was wondering if something was wrong with me until one night  a thought came to my mind; "why I stopped being a Vegan". And I immediately searched for it on youtube and google. I discovered that I was not the only one feeling one feeling this way and that there are other ex-vegans (like Lierre Keith, Bonny Rebecca ) who complained of similar issues and most of them later had chronic health problems. Some complained of; being too slim, weak bones, breaking teeth,unable to stand up, digestive issues, acne amongst others.

The major cause of their health problem was due to the lack of vitamin D, B12, k etc. which can be gotten from animal based food. Their doctors had to tell them to eat meat and other animal based food for them to recover quickly ( so did my doctor the last time I did a test).  It hurt me when I found out that some vegan Mums lost their infant due to the fact that their breast milk did not have all the necessary nutrients to keep the babies alive. Research has proven that the protein found in plant is different from the one in animals and we need both. The Hallelujah Diet book said all the protein we need can be found in plants which is not true, and I believe there is need for a balance.

After trying the diet and making research on the  human diet, I've come to a conclusion that there is no specific diet for all human beings. We need both plant based diet and the animal based diet. I think people should eat based on the wisdom they have from God. No particular type of diet can 100% heal all humans, we have different  body systems so our body will definitely react to certain foods differently.  True healing comes from God and  He will give you the wisdom on what to eat and not to eat. No food is entirely bad and should be eaten in right proportions. Have you ever wondered how you feel you've eaten enough sugar this week and you should watch it? Or you feel it's high time you reduce your oil intake, meat or flour intake?. It's God using your body to speak to you!. You know when you've eaten a particular food in excess and when you need more of another group of food.
You can call it intuitive feeding, Body language feeding but the truth is that our body has been designed to know what to eat and not to eat.

Apart from intuitive feeding you can consult a test by a certified nutritionist to know the food your body will react to and the ones your body will love, this can go a long way in keeping you healthy than just trying different diets which may end up damaging your body system.

I hope this post helped you and freed you from certain mindset about food.
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