Pounded yam using a blender

February 01, 2019

A Nigerian that has never heard of pounded yam is that one a Nigerian? well I don't think so.  Pounded yam is most people's favorite swallow in Nigeria and I'm yet to understand why.  I love pounded yam too, infact when I was little my mum dedicated Sunday dinners for pounded yam. My dad would always smile to the dinning room on Sunday evening because he knew his lovely wife would have pounded yam for him. Well years later the promo ended o,  we still eat pounded once in a while but not like before because nobody wants to pound yam I guess.
So to cut the long story short I learnt how to make pounded yam without much stress, and guess what I used instead of a portal and pistel? Baby I used a blender ah ah ah!

• Yam, peeled and cut into cubes
• water for cooking

1. Cook your yam clean water until soft (please do not add the head and the bottom of the yam)

2. When the yam is well cooked pour into your blender and blend in batches. You can add 1 table spoon of the yam's hot water at intervals to make the yam blend faster and appear smooth.

3. Once you're done blending remove the pounded yam from the blender and serve with any soup of your choice.

4. Please wash your blender immediately to avoid unnecessary stress later or you can fill it up with water if you can't wash it immediately.
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