February 01, 2019

I know some people are already saying “Trybizz you have come again o”, yes I have come again. Nutty-Mac is one recipe I created when I hit excess  shredded coconut and didn’t want to waste it. Well I called it Nutty-mac because you’d be eating the coconut with the macaroni instead of just preserving the smell of the coconut.
Come join me in the kitchen 

• macaroni 
• blended tomato / paste  
• freshly diced tomatoes, onions & pepper 
• spices ( curry, thyme, nutmeg)
• vegetable oil 
• 1 cup shredded coconut 
• water
• seasoning cubes 
• salt to taste

1. Heat vegetable oil on medium heat. Add onions, pepper tomatoes and fry
2. Add the tomato sauce/ paste and stir while frying
3. Add seasoning cubes, salt, any spice of choice, and little water.
4. Once the sauce is ready turn off the heat.

5. Boil water, add salt to the water and when the water starts boiling add the macaroni

6.When the macaroni is ready ( make sure it’s not too soft). Place the sauce on low  heat again, add the shredded coconut and stir well. Then add the macaroni and stir for a minute before putting off the heat.
Your Nutty-macaroni is ready 

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