How To Roast Peanut

February 18, 2019

Peanut or groundnut is one common snack in Nigeria, but some people run away from it because they think it can cause acne, well i think it depends on your body system.
I personally love peanut, it's cheap and it's sold almost everywhere in Nigeria. Here in Nigeria we eat peanuts with garri, bread, boli, banana and we even use it to make our Groundnut soup
Peanut is rich in fiber and protein and also has anti-aging properties, though some people are allegic to peanut.
It's amazing to know you can roast your favorite snack by yourself with or without an oven and without stress. I'll be teaching you how to roast peanuts using different methods

Oven method
1. Parboil peanut in water and add salt.
2. Spread the peanut in a tray to dry .
3. Once dried, spread in a baking sheet and roast till it is ready
4. Ensure to keep an eye on it while it is in the oven so it doesn't born.

Stove-top Method
1. Parboil peanut in water and add salt.
2. Spread the peanut in a tray to dry
3. Add either salt, sand or garri (i used the mixture of salt and garri) to a pan or a pot, once the it gets hot add the peanut and stir well to ensure that it is evenly roasted.

(the garri is looking burnt because this was the second time of me using it)

3. Remove the roasted peanut from the garri (or whatever you used to roast the peanut) and spread them in a tray to allow them to cool.
4. You can peel the peanut if you like, but the best time to peel the peanut is when it is warm and not completely cool because it the back easily removes when warm.

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