How To Manage Stress

February 08, 2019

Stress sometimes can be good for you or bad. Some people have discovered they can do more than they have imagined when they are under stress, while others have exploded under stress. Well there’s really a thin line between good stress and bad stress, you must learn to know when something is bad for you.

According to the English dictionary stress is a physical, chemical, infective agent aggressing an organism or an emotional pressure suffered by a human being or other animal. These definitions has helped in explaining what stress is.

Causes Of Stress

There are different reasons why people are under stress and I’ll be listing a few

1.       Loss of a dead one

2.       Pressure from your boss

3.       Over caring for others/ trying to please everybody

4.       School work

5.       Church work

6.       Abusive relationship

7.       Financial stress

How To Manage Stress

1.       Involve yourself in things you can manage

 People get themselves involved in too many different activities at the same time which would require a lot of attention. You must face the fact that you cannot do everything in life and must learn to focus on what is most important to you. If you feel stressed lately try and identify the things that are most important to you and do away with other activities and you’ll find out that you are more productive than before.

2.       Learn to say No

Saying no is one impossible word for some people. They are so sacred of what others will think of them if they say they can’t do it, while others always say yes because they want to be accepted by all and make people think they are good people. When you say No to your friends or family and they give you a bad reaction or speak bad of you then maybe they never really loved in the first place. The truth is you cannot be there for everyone at the same time and also try to be there for yourself, I’m not advising you to stop caring for people but you must know when some things steal your peace.  I ‘d advise you develop a healthy self esteem about yourself so you don’t depend on other ‘s approval.

3.       Go on a vacation

Yes you heard me, baby take a break! Try and pamper yourself , take a leave from work, discuss with your partner that you need some space or you can even go out with your partner and leave the kids with someone you trust. Having a change of environment can sometimes help you clear your head and feel better.

4.       Break off any abusive relationship

If you are in a relationship that only takes away from you and doesn’t give back to you then I don’t think it is healthy for you. No matter how much you love the person, same sex or opposite sex, as long as the relationship is becoming abusive please take a break from it at first especially when violence is involved, run for your life. You may later come back as friends with the person but I’d advise you leave first and consider if coming back is worth it or not.

5.       Change your diet

This is also very important, some group of foods have been proven to contribute to stress while some have helped in the reduction of stress. Fatty, sugary and processed food can contribute to stress in your life, try to eat more diary free foods, vegetables, fruits and whole meal and you can also exercise too.

6. Delegate Duties
Learn to build teamwork among family members or co-workers, they may not do it perfectly well at the first time but they'll get better. This way you will not have to be the only one doing everything all the time and don't forget that you'll also be building up people that way

Effects of stress

1.       Depression

2.       Poor eating habit

3.       Early death

4.       Poor sleeping habit (insomnia)

5.       Weight loss/ weight gain

I hope this article helps you in whatever stress you are currently passing through and I pray you come out as an overcomer.  Trybizz loves you.  

Don’t forget to share your thoughts on this topic, can’t wait to see your contributions, you might just be helping someone.

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