How To Know If Someone Close To You Is Suffering From Depression

Many people in our world today suffer from depression and almost everyday people take their lives believing all hope is lost.
Depression has slowly walked into lives of many by painting lies as truth, some recover from those lies and some don't until they embrace the bigger lie which is "kill yourself".
Every now and then i see and hear stories of people on social media who took their own lives because something went wrong, here are a few cases;

1. A young man in unilag took his own life because he failed a course or some courses

2. A lady in uniabuja took her life because she felt she's a problem to her mother

3. A young lady took her own life because her husband to be broke up with her few days to their wedding and married her best friend.

The above cases are true, and it hurts to see people meeting death themselves without death calling out to them.

I've made a list of some possible ways to help you identify if someone close to you is suffering from depression

1. Loss of interest In usual activities
2.  Changes in body weight
3. Loss of interest in food or over eating
4. Withdrawing from close friends or family
5. Talks about life in a negative way
6. Consistently curses a particular person
7. Changes in sleeping habit
8. Lack of concentration
9. Frequently absent minded
10. Always moody
11. Frequent use of pain killer or sleeping drugs

If you notice someone with some of these symptoms please kindly do the following to help

1. Talk With The person
Try talking to the person about it and pray he/she open up to you. If they do, encourage them or take them to someone who is a survivor  of the challenge(s) they are facing, It will help the the individual.
If they don't open up to you pray for them.

2. Pray For The Individual
Prayer is very important, it breaks chains and set the mind of the individual free from the lies. Pray for the person and with the person. If you are a Christian provide the person with bible scriptures to help encourage the person. You can also see your spiritual head (pastor, prophet etc) for further help.
Please ensure you make sure the person knows you are praying for him/her

3. Get Medical Help
Sometimes an individual needs medical assistance due to the fact that the depression has grown into another stage. They can help the person at these stage.

1. When someone tells you their challenge(s) it's not time to start gossiping about them instead be mature and help them
2. Do not Ignore a person who needs your help, don't wait till you hear about their death before you take action.

Thanks for taking your precious time to read this post, I'm grateful. Kindly share and comment to help others

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